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About homorhoids

I am having symptoms of homorhoids. But the swelling is very much less. The rectal areas feels very tight and closed. Should i consult a doctor or it will go away? It was present for quite a few days but it is feeling much intense now.
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Hello~I have issues with hemorrhoids as well, I have found that if I don't strain too hard, that they don't bother me, but if I let myself get constipated and strain, oh boy, they are a nuisance. I suggest keeping hydrated so the motions are easier, eating more fibrous foods and using a hemorrhoid cream or suppository when able.
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Hello. Welcome to MedHelp and the forum.  Thanks for the question and we'll try to help.  Consulting with a doctor is always a good idea.  But typically, hemorrhoids are common and happen to lots of people.  Things you can try are to sit in a 'sitz' bath. This is a bath of warm (not hot) water that is 3 to 4 inches.  This can be very soothing.  You can use something like preparation H or tucks wipes  or simple witch hazel on the area is known to help. You can put  cold pack on it as well.  

Prevention is key.  To prevent straining (the typical cause of hemorrhoids, dab a bit of vasaline on the inside of the anus.  Eat a high fiber diet as well.  

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