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Hemmorrhoid Surgery

A while back (June 2016) I had hemmorhoid surgery for some very bad ones that occurred on about the 12 o'clock to 7 o'clock position. I now am having a recurrence of them, but not where they were a problem before, now between about the 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock position. I also believe I am suffering from anal stenosis as a result of my previous surgery.

My question, am I able to get the surgery again to take care of the problem, or is there a one-and-done option for this? I'm very naive, yes - I just don't want them to take so much from the area that I lose function.
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Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your past problems with hemorrhoids and your surgery. I found an appointment that really really works for hemorrhoids. And want everybody to pass the word along. It’s called ,  Comfreys ointment, by the company called Christophers. You can buy it on Amazon. It’s the only thing I found it actually heals and soothe the burning and itchiness and pain and heals the hemorrhoids very quickly. I cut up vinyl gloves so that I have just the fingers, and keep that and the ointment near my commode. It really works and it was amazing how fast it weren’t. When I went to see my doctor about them he did a checkAnd he saw that they were very minimal and had shrunken. Good luck to you and try this wonderful appointment. Take care and good luck to you,
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