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Why do I still have pain where an external hemorrhoid was removed 8 yrs. ago?

For many years, I had an external hemorrhoid.  A surgeon cut it out approximately 8 years ago.  The hemorrhoid is long gone, but I still have pain in the area where the hemorrhoid was if I do extended sitting.  This really makes sitting for work, travel, church, social events, etc. very difficult.  I just can't sit like a normal person.

The pain is in the area of my left ischial tuberosity.  When the situation is not currently aggravated and I sit down, I feel fine.  However, after a while, I start feeling low grade pressure.  The longer I sit from that point on, the more the pressure builds and changes into pain which can become serious.  The entire process from feeling fine to severe pain can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how recently I had previously aggravated the situation by too much sitting and how hard the chair is.  Once the problem is seriously aggravated, it feels like I've been kicked in the butt.

I've had an MRI and 2 X-rays.  All showed NO problem.  I have had 4 cortisone shots for possible ischial bursitis.  They produced only very minor temporary help.  I have had 3 sets of prolotherapy shots for possible ligament/tendon weakness.  They produced no significant improvement.  I have seen a pain specialist, an orthopedic doctor, and 2 chiropractors.  One of the chiropractors has performed a palpation procedure that has given me more tolerance for sitting temporarily, but not permanently.  I have had acupuncture and cold laser treatment.  Neither provided any significant improvement.  Ice, standing, and exercise help relieve the pain and irritation once the problem is aggravated.

Has anyone ever heard of a situation like mine?
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It has been some time since this was originally posted.  Have you any updates to share?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Thanks for the question although we are sorry you have this ongoing situation.  I would think your chronic pain like this is rare.  Here, for our readers is some information on this type of surgery https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/surgery-treat-hemorrhoids.  While pain for a few weeks post surgery is very normal, pain years later is not common.  Has anyone offered the idea of nerve damage?  Would a neurologist potentially benefit you? We have had a previous member that had nerve damage of this sort and chronic pain similar to what you describe.  This may be worth investigating.
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Thanks for your response.   Could a neurologist definitively diagnose the problem?  If yes, how?  And, if it could be determined that I did have nerve damage, are there any treatments that are successful in curing nerve damage?

The doctors I have consulted all offer me the treatments/procedures in which they are trained/skilled in the hope that those treatments will solve my problem.  But, no doctor I have seen was able to definitively diagnose the problem.  And, with one questionable exception, the doctors I have seen don't appear to have ever encountered my situation.  At this point, it is hard to be confident or excited about going to another doctor if that doctor has not successfully treated my condition.  I have spent a major amount of time and money that has not produced.
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