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Hepatitis risk? New lancet, used pen. Didn't clean.

I recently thought I might have an HIV and Hepatitis exposure but I wanted some opinions.

I wasn't thinking about it in the moment, and I'm nervous now. This happened yesterday (1 day ago at this time)

A friend of mine offered to check my glucose or blood sugar since I had never been tested for Diabetes.

He pulled out his multi use machine that he uses, as he is diabetic. He took the lancet out and replaced it with a new one. He pricked my finger and tested my blood. Didn't wipe the pen down or my finger, but it was a new lancet.

I freaked out shortly afterward and first went to my doctor's office. A nurse practitioner said that they weren't worried, but I asked about PEP and they had no idea what that was. That didn't help my anxiety so I called an AIDS center, who recommended that I go to a Walgreens to get tested and receive PEP. The guy wasn't a doctor, just someone who runs an AIDS/HIV support group.

The nurse at Walgreens tested me for HIV and I came back negative, and prescribed me PEP.

I spoke to my friend today and they said they don't have HIV or hepatitis. They kinda gave me that "Why are you so worried?" look. Warranted, I know.

A doctor on JustAnswer told me I could stop taking PEP, I can't catch HIV or Hepatitis from someone who doesn't have it.

Did I have anything to worry about? Regardless of if they have those diseases or not? I'm pretty sure about HIV being fine but what about hepatitis?
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