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What is hepatitis A total AB positive?

Hi what is hepA total AB positive? Do I need hepA vaccine?
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Have you ever had the Hep A vaccine?

“ A positive antibody test result indicates that a person has or had HAV infection or has been vaccinated against hepatitis A. This person is immune to future HAV infection. A negative test result indicates that antibodies were not detected in a person's blood.”

“ A positive HAV-Ab total test (without isolated testing for IgM) indicates prior HAV exposure but does not rule out acute or very recent hepatitis. ... A negative HAV Ab Total test means there has been no prior exposure to the virus and the hepatitis A vaccination should be administered.”
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Basically it means you are positive for hepatitis A antibodies so either you were infected with hep A in the past, you are currently infected with hep A or you were immunized against hepatitis A at some point in your life possibly as a child.

What has the doctor who ordered this test for you said? Your personal physician is your best resource for medical information about your individual medical situation and should be your first choice for reliable medical guidance.
Thank you for ur answer, I went to my doctot today , she said I must have hepA before and that my body made antibodies, and had a hepA vaccine before, means that I do not have hepA.
If you were vaccinated or if you were previously infected yo would have hep A antibodies. And either way you are now immune to future hep a infection. Which means you do not need to be immunized. I’m not a doctor so I recommend you confirm whether or not you need to be immunized with her if she has not already told you about this.
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