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Compare Hepatitis Panel (2011 and 2015)

Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with HepB by accident when I happen to enroll in a maritime course last March of 2011. After it was accidentally found out that I have HepB, the doctor recommended us to have a Hepatitis Panel and this was the result.

Hepatitis Profile w/HCV

HBSAG w/ Titer (CMIA) 292.490  mIU/ml   C.O.V. 1.00         REACTIVE
Anti HBs (CMIA) 0.12            C.O.V. 10.000 NON-REACTIVE
HBeAg (CMIA)         1465.964            C.O.V. 1.000 REACTIVE
Anti HBe (CMIA) 51.220    C.O.V. 1.010 NON-REACTIVE
Anti-HAV IgM (CMIA) 0.510    C.O.V. 0.800 NON-REACTIVE
Anti HBc Total (CMIA) 9.960    C.O.V. 1.000 REACTIVE
Anti HCV (EcLIA)         0.139            C.O.V. 1.000 NON-REACTIVE

Note: AHBe count below the cut-off value is considered REACTIVE.

The problem is that we did not have a chance to see a doctor again not until last week when I felt something wrong, a sharp pain in my liver area, so I hurriedly went to a doctor. He recommended me to have a Hepatitis Panel again. This was the result.

Hepatitis Profile 2 (ABC)

HBSAG w/ Titer (CMIA) 4211.390 mIU/ml C.O.V. 1.00         REACTIVE
Anti HBs (CMIA) 0.03     C.O.V. 10.000 NON-REACTIVE
HBeAg (CMIA)         145.964     C.O.V. 1.000 REACTIVE
Anti HBe (CMIA) 8.95.220     C.O.V. 1.010 NON-REACTIVE
Anti-HAV IgM (CMIA) 0.30     C.O.V. 0.800 NON-REACTIVE
Anti HBc Total (CMIA) 8.910     C.O.V. 1.000 REACTIVE
Anti HCV (EcLIA)         0.09     C.O.V. 1.000 NON-REACTIVE

Note: AHBe count below the cut off is considered REACTIVE.

And this is my SGPT/ALT result
Conventional Units SI Units
H 60 U/L <42 60.00 U/L <42

I don't have any signs of jaundice, bloating, and liver pain when pushed. (Liver, when touched hurts, only when sharp pains occur. But when there are no sharp pains, pushing fingers in the liver area will not hurt)

So the doctor had me ULTRASOUND because it might be gall stones or any obstruction in my upper abdomen area. This is the result.

Unremarkable liver, gallbladder, hepato-biliary tree, pancreas, upper abdominal aorta and speeln sonogram.

I brought this results to my doctor together with my 2011 Hepatitis Panel results. It seems like he has less knowledge with Hepatitis B and his readings with my result is not so convincing. He was like confused.

So he asked me to have a Lamivudine for 2 months and get another Hepatitis Panel so that he can assess with the reaction of the medication to my Hepatitis B. I am still not sure if I will take the Lamivudine because I read some bad impressions and bad reactions with that medication.

So I brought this here for your second opinion guys.

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Yong dati kung doctor yon yong nag reseta sakin ng conzace for imunity daw yon.siya din naka discover na may hepa b ako.minsan tumaas sgpt ko nerisitan niya aq ng godex.after 1 month bumaba na ulit sgpt q.back to normal na.tapos sinabi niya eh refer niya q sa hepa expert kasi di niya field yon.nong don na q sa gastrologist pina test niya hbseg quantitative q, nonreactive pero hbsag q reactive.sabi niya tigilan q na daw pag inum ng godex.pero ang sabi ng old doctor q pagpatuloy q yon .di q alam sino susundin q sa kanila. Tinigil q yon.non kasi umiinom aq ng godex bumalik ng kunti any nawala  kung timbang...sobra kasi aq pumayat at gumaan.pero nong stop q yon ngayon balik aq sa mababang weught.tsaka bumaba bp q.sabi gastrologist balik lang aq after 6 months..wala man lang nericommend na kahit anong suplement..kaya nagpacheck aq sa alternative.don na discover mababa bp q. Sa gastro kasi di nila chinichect timbang tasaka bp q.hope na gumaling aq.sabi kasi ng doctor q ngayon sa alternative gagaling aq..after 1 month babalik aq sa kanya.tingnan niya inprovement ng health q.good for one month nireseta niyang gamot,herbal tea tsaka clensing
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Gnyan dn po sken wlng ano mang sintomas. Wla nman po tlga ata clng mrirecomend n gmot. Kadalasan food suppli pa dn. Aq nga po centrum vitamins q.
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Hirap talaga maghanap ng magaling na doctor para sa sakit na to at may concern sa patient niya..sakin ilabg doctor na pinuntahan q.pareho ang sabi, babalik after 6 months.. hbsag qualilative sgpt at hbseg quantitative lang ang test na pinakuha sakin..hirap kasi kahit vitamins walang nirecommend sakin..haist..
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