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Barbers Shops

Do Hair Cutting Machines Transmit Blood Born Viruses Like HBV , HCV , HIV
because My barber  uses these machines for Shaving which causes skin irritation and redness but not bleeding

so the question is do i have to go to do some tests regarding these blood born diseases or not ..
& Thanks
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very difficult unless they cut so short to shave or break skin

dentists and some healthcare settings are the most dangerous....in italy barber can only use scissors for haircut or haircutting machines which dont shave (keep long hair anyway)

be aware that at dentist the virus can spread in the air with saliva particles, especially hdv which is very infectious for hbv carriers.the only way is to be the first patient of the day if autoclave sterilized everything perfectly
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i do appreciate your concern
but i need to inform you that he uses this machine to cut  off  the hair the back of my neck
so the hair it self is short at this area and i feel burning sensation after he does that but no bleeding
so i think he cuts the hair in this area so short
& Thanks In Advance
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i can tell you what i do, i dont go to barber shop and cut my hair at home by parents/friends, if i do have to go to a barber shop i tell him to use scissors only
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Thanks i use my self machine right now i am just concerned about the past ..do i have to go to do test or not ... that's it
& sorry for bothering :$
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just do it once but not for the barber but to make hav+hbv vaccine

the level of danger is low at barbers but you may get mutated hbv from those using antivirals and those resistant strains are very danagerous, some even make hbv vaccine useless
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