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Best Treatment for HBv

I am 53 years old last month I have went for preventive health check up and based on the report findings the followings noted; SGOT 83 IU/L ,SGPT 200 IU/L , Doctor recmended me to see the Gastro.consultant , the gastro.consultant advised me to go for others test the result are as follows: Anti-dsDNA 16.6 IU/ml. , HBsAg test value 9520(Reactive) ,HCV,IgG test value 0.12 ( non Reactive) ,Anti Nuclear Antibody ( ANA) 0.12 , Immunoglobulin IgA 279 mg/dl , Tissue Transglutaminase antibody IgA 0.40 U/mL , Anti Mitochondrial Antibody , Serum 0.26 UL/ml , ASMA 2.70 U/mL , LKM Antibody 0.02 U/ml , Hepatitis B envelope Antibody test value (Ab) 43.0 ( Reactive) , Hapatitis Be Antigen ( HBeAg) 0.15 ( Non reactive),AFP 4.38ng/ml  , HBV DNA Quantitative,Real Time PCR 5156250 IU/ml. Based on this the Doctor advised me for the treatment  Tab.Entavir 0.5 mg one daily. Here i went for second opinion with Lever specialist consultant and he advised me to go for Fibroscan which the result is 5.91 Kpa ( Negative for fibrosis).Now the lever specialist advised for Viraferon Peg 80 mg once in a week and monitor CBC & S creatin every 15 days.I have not started the treatment yet as I am going out of India for 1.5 months as Doctor told me that this treatment will be given under there supervision , please suggest which treatment is suitable under these report.Also with vaccine this problem will be solved and how long i have to take this treatment.
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only if hbsag goes less than 1500iu/ml peginterferon add on before 3 years of antiviral makes sense
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what tablet?

the lower the alt the less hbvdna/hbsag decline, it has no meaning to do that, plus alt levels that can make damage are 1000-2000, not your low numbers
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Thanks Stef , got your point..
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Your Vit D level is very low. 41 nmol/L is equivalent to 16.4 ng/ml. Take at least 10,000iu of D3 daily.

Your ALT level is not that high. TDF should bring down your Viral Load and your HBsAg down. Like stef said, the higher the ALT while under medication, the better your HBsAg decline.

I notice your fibroscan result has gone up. How is your diet? Lots of turmeric in your diet will be great for your liver.

Good luck.
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Thanks mustthinkpositive , u are right gone up , My diet is normal , I don't take alcohol , little non veg and lots of veggie  , take egg as well. Do u recommend any other diet. I take turmeric in all foods .
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I took the advice of Dietician from the hospital and they advice me to take:

Daily Food Allowance:

Cereal----------------------------------------------- 100g---------------------------- 6 serving
Pulses------------------------------------------------ 60g----------------------------- 2 Bowls
Tone milk and milk product ------------------- 750 ml-------------------------- 3 medium glasses
Egg white------------------------------------------- 160g---------------------------- 4 eggs
Vegetables----------------------------------------- 300g---------------------------- 3 Bowls
Root Vegetables---------------------------------- 100g--------------------------- 1 Bowl
Fruits-------------------------------------------------- 200g------------- ------------- 2 medium sized
oil or white butter----------------------------------- 20g---------------------------- 3-4 teaspoon
Suger-------------------------------------------------- 5g------------------------------ 3teaspoon
Nuts---------------------------------------------------- 10pc Almonds / 3 Walnuts

These are some dietary guideline like Raw turmeric are good for liver also see my post on " Healthy Food for the Liver"

Hope this help
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sorry i didn t notice the unit was nmol/l (damn labs still using crap units)!

you have to consider that vitamin d deficiency makes fibrosis of the liver itself, independently from having any disease

italian guidelines to correct it are:
from 600.000iu to 1.000.000iu single dose
then maintenance dose from 2000iu to 5000iu

i thin you d best take 600.000iu single dose then test vitd25oh in a week and according to blood levels go for 5000iu or 10.000iu daily
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