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Can I cured??

i have medic record with :
HBsAg Reactive
HbeAg Reactive.

I don't know this HBV is carrier or other ...
bcs i don't have family medical record..

TIME         SGPT/SGOT SGPT/SGOT (Normal Range)
21/08/2018    88 /42               (13-50/13-45)

31/05/2019     61/30              (13-50/13-45)

05/12/2019    60/45              (13-50/13-45)

24/12/2019    75/47              (13-50/13-45)

conventional : 7.28 x 10^8 (log 8.86)
SI : 1.25 x 10^8 (log 8.10)

and now i consumtion
Entecavir 0.5 mg
start from 29 January 2020.

any advise for me??
pls help.
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Your HBV DNA is elevated so doctor was put you in medication. It is to control the virous. Chances of functional cure with present antivirals is very less. Use this  medication and follow doctors guidence, check periodically and wait for new medicins for functional cure.
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is there any chance for me to recover?
doctor said my usg results good.
i wish on april i get better result :(
With this medication mostly your HBV DNA will come to undetectable levels. You will be fine. For functional cure all of us shoud wait and watch.
if i get undetectable levels, what should i do??
other treatment or ??
If we start NUCS (like you), it is a long treatment. Only 5 to 10% will be cured. Remaining all should continye with the same treatment till new drugs invented.
how long for treatment, 1 year enough?
i want to heal like safisifa.

i just stopped smoking and every night always jogging. 7-8 km.
ryosan, treatmant may take life long unless you are one of those rare responders  among the chronic hepb patients so it is better to remain realistic and better not to have big expectations however staying strong and having positive attitude is important. I wish you good luck.
@halt651 : I wish had cured, my expectation is very big.

I am on entecavir therapy, and within 1 year 6 months there is a decrease in HBV DNA, for gpt, got, always normal My Hbeag is positive

What if hbv dna is not detected but hbeag is still positive?
Can hbeag turn negative?
What are the next steps for my treatment to generate antibodies?
What i need a vaccine when the HBV DNA phase is not detected?
I agree that cure is very small, if any.  You can turn e-, but that just means you re e ag just mutated. Although it might be better, but it’s also unpredictable and has more chance of liver damage.  Just get tested and stay positive
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There is functional cure with antivirals your Dr is the best person that can help you. Switch to a healthy life. Look at the previous threads and get informed about hep b. Keep your records and follow the trends.
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thanks for your advise
i follow this forum since last december 2019.
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