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Chronic hbv and about increasing HBsAg levels

Hello everybody. I ve been on tenofovir and taf since 2013.My hbv profile is a little bit unusual. Before the therapy I was f3. Whats very strange about my profile is that  I am both hbeag and antihbe negative for twelve years. My doctor does tests every six months but the result is the same. Both are negative. I found nothing about this . Two years after starting medication my ultrasound result came with slightly coarsed parenchyma. and since then I have  ultrasound every year and it always says the same. (mildly heterogenous parenchyma or slightly coarsened parenchyma). My blood tests are normal but dna sometimes negative sometimes positive <20 ıu/ml. Another question is that before medication my hbsag level was 1953 ıu/ml. Seven years have passed but my hbsag level never decreased. It continously increased.  1953- 2955-4672-6025 and te last one is 5996. My alt ast plt and the rest are always fine. As long as I know hbsag level must decrease in years under nucs. I think there is something weird about my immun system. What are your suggestions especially experienced members
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Cut your weight down. That must be a possible reason. Stop oily grills and stuffs. Start taking ample fruits in breakfast. That really helps. I found my results great
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Do you know what geno type you are?
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check your vitd25oh levels if high end of normal, you should focus on supplements to modulate immune system, ideally pegintf add on could solve this but side effects are so bad and it only lowers hbsag (hbsag loss too little)
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I think the peginterferon side effects are different from person to person, my doctor was hesitant saying the same thing, and while my alt was extremely high during my short treatment of 1 and a half months, i‘ve only experienced flu-like symptoms for a few hours after the first shot, Some Mild skin rash and Tiredness in general, but other than that, i was feeling really great.
I, for once, would gladly restart peginterferon if the doctor Think it would benefit me.
İ take vitamin d regularly for several years. The last one was something near the upper limit. What can you say about my ultrasound results. Do İ have to worry about it it as it says slightly heterogenous parenchyma
İ am 41 years old hbsag + since birth
i myself felt great on peg for 4-5 months then i stopped gcmaf and vitamin d and it was hell, now i m very scared about it even if adding vit d and gcmaf may work to make it like drinking water just the thought of the hell i went through really scares me.....by the way i also had great response in those months with hbsag reaching 1000iu/ml or less then relapse and side effects
mrt27 fibroscan is what really matters, ultrasoun dis good mostly to detect hcc and fatty liver maybe it is detecting fatty liver?what about results of blood tests about metabolic syndrom?if you have metabolic problems that might explain weak response of nucs and ultrasound.did you check inflammatory markers like crp, il6?
We dont have fibroscan in our City. Thats why I am worried about current state of my liver. My crp is normal and other metabolic parameters are ok but only HDL is low something like 30  . İ dont want to get biopsy since i had it three times. My albümin bilirubin ggt AFP always ok. What about MRI . Does it give any opinion
no, fibroscan is the only one to detect fibrosis reliably
hdl 30 might be a problem, that is very low.Niacinamide (also known as nicotinamide) increases hdl but be careful not to use slow release version because it can make liver toxicity in that form
by the way crp needs to be as low as possible, not in normal range, normal range is meant for infections mainly not low chronic inflammation of age or metabolic syndrom.as an example mine is 0.16mg/l.i tested il-6 only once and it was disappointing for me at 2pg/ml both the lowest the better if no acute infections going on.another useful test is Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) optimum is less than 5% although some labs consider even 6% ok, it is not.mine is 5.3%, also taking blood sugar test 1hr and 2hr after meals can tell a lot about how good your cells are dealing with sugars
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