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Chronic hepatitis b questions,

I am a chronic hepatitis b patient at the age of 27. I have this since childbirth. In my youth (age 8-13) I eliminated the antigen E Doesn't matter you know what I'm talking about. So then at some time the results were so good they signed me out saying that I am cured. So as a kid I started normal life, which also included alcohol but not that regular. So at the age of around 16 I started with alcohol which I quitted this year, which is around 10 years of unhealthy and unaware life. I took some drugs like paracetamol mixed with antibiotics when I was having a tooth infection. I also used to exercise heavily from time to time.
At the age of 26 in 2010 I returned to the clinic because of some minor stomach aches around my liver.
Results 25.05.2010
Hemoglobin 17.1
monocytes 13.8
neutrocytes 39.2
hbsag positive
I didn't apply much of the diet, still with some minor alcohol and exercises.
Results 29.07.2010
MPV 12.9
alat 44
aspat 30
Results 21.09.2010
hbvdna 3200 lU/ml
Alat 38
hgb 16.9
Still didn't apply much of the diet, I was still unaware, but at some time before christmas 2010 I started taking sylimarin and essentiale forte with milk thistle and tumeric. At christmas and new year I ate everything including chocolate but haven't touched alcohol.
Results 24.01.2011
alat 36
aspat 32
Monocytes 12.7
Netrocytes 36.3
HGB 15.9
At that time I was feeling pretty good, had no depression, no stomach aches, no gastrical problems, no acid foam burps which I have almost regularly today. No liver aches at all. I stopped essentiale forte intake and reduced silimarin intake.
Now at that time after coupple of months, I guess at february or a little bit later things started going really bad.
I applied heavy liver diet after noticing first liver aches and acid foam burps and stomach aches. My diet consisted of pretty much no fats at all. I thrown out the frying pan. Started using soya sauce instead of oil, switched to chicken breast exclusive, with some veggies from the fridge, and white bread, no alcohol. Used almost only 0%-0,5% fat milk. It all happenned at the time I got a new job. Problem was I was getting all kinds of infections there, including stomach flu and numerous other gastrical problems. Somewhere between march 2011 i drank 3 beers at one party and I still hate myself for that.
Results 23.05.2011
HGB 16.5
MCH 32.1
Monocytes 11.3
alat 39
aspat 29
hbs-ag 2983 COI
Doc said the liver is enlarged, despite that usg test from that time shown nothing. He told me that I have probably 20 years of age left, I can forget about surgeries of the fibrosis (we didn't know what stage I had back then) because as he stated it- it happens so rarely so I must "rather enjoy the rest of my life", the same about liver transplants "ain gonna happen, doubt that it will happen later on". When I asked about new treatments like nitazoxanide he said "rubbish, never heard of that treatment for liver". Doc was also pissed off that I did the quantity test of Hbsag and commented "Thats stupid, I already know that you are hbsag positive, why do you keep doing that test?" and later on "you can never return to physical training, simply because you will probably never be cured"
After that, things gone rather bad for me. Stomach discomforts, gastrical problems and chronic liver discomfort incerased in just 2-3 months of nofat diet and today they are pretty much regular. Chronic fatigue also occured, I used to have a shortness of breath when walking up the stairs, taking longer walks or even more intense talking. I also got somewhat depressed feeling weaker each day. Only coffee somewhat helped, earlier on I felt really happy after coffee, now today I feel rather sad, just more active and more energetic. I started taking taurine and the chronic fatigue almost completly vanished. Some other doctors confirmed that most of my discomforts are of a different origin than fibrosis/hepatitis, probably infection from a dog, from job or wherever else. From time to time I have headaches. My liver doc said it might be iron in my liver. I feel reasonably good in my stomach almost ONLY when I have an empty stomach for the whole day. When I drink coffe I feel discomfort around my liver, when I drink water I still have the discomfort in larger doses. Most of the things I eat like bread, meat or whatever makes either aches or discomfort in my liver area. The pain/ache of the liver changes. Sometimes it is just short bites, sometimes it is the choking feeling in the liver like after very long run, in this week I keep feeling even some discomforts on my back near the liver area. Some minor nausea happens recently, and once I even had yellow sticky feces. Liquidy feces happens
my weight dropped in 7 months from 82 kg to 73 kg. Don't know if that's cause of the disease or just good diet.
Results 25.07.2011
hgb 17.4
Monocytes 12.1
Neutrocytes 42.6
Neutrocytes 2.20
alat 47
aspat 37
At 28.07.2011 I attended fibroscan test as my doc prescribed.
Stiffness KPa 10.3. Success rate 91%
the numbers from 1 to 10 (number of tests?) shown E ranging from 5.5 KPA to 29 KPA.
Doc stated it is equivalent of f2/f3 on metavir scale
At this point I was devastated. My questions are:
1. HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE LEFT ? Is it 1-5 years, still 20-30 years, or even 40-50+ with proper treatment ? I keep the nofat diet for months, but I keep feeling weaker and the virus is getting stronger. Makes me feeling depressed.
2. Is there or is there not something like diet for chronic hepatitis b patients ? Some doctors tell me that the diet is a mytho, except that alcohol and poisoning (those really unhealthy foods) part. Now other say that I shouldn't even move much during the day to survive the next 20 years.
3. Can I drink coffee ? Can it help me or make things worse ? Some about taurine
4. Can I be subjected to nitazoxanide treatment ? Does it work ? Same about naltrexone low dose ?
5. Can I be cured ? Can I stop the disease process until I die from other, hopefully natural causes at very old age with proper treatment ?
6. Lets say some day my hbsag level reaches 0. Will my fibrosis still develop even having a good heathy life and diet ? Can my fibrosis be surgically removed ? I know this seems naive, but still don't know what will next 20 years of medical research bring.
7. Can I exercise or not ? I love climbing, running, bootcamp (pushups, pullups,situps), minor weight lifitng (for strenght not muscles), I feel wonderful doing that. Can I take long mountain marches ? Now I quitted all exercises and physical activity because a large part of doctors keep scaring me that it will speed up the process of fibrosis and/or hepatitis, while other doctors tell me that I should do some moderate workouts. But what is a moderate workout ? Less quantity, or less cardio fatigue or less weight ? Or shorter time ?
8. Lets say some day I might need a transplant. Can I exercise then normally ? How often and for how long will I need to take medication then ?
9. What can cause fibrosis regression ?  Can it happen without interferons and with my present condition ? Does the regression naturally occur with a hbsag level below 2000 ?
10. Was my fibroscan test valid or should I perform a biopsy ? Does it mean that biopsy will show much worse situation in my liver ?
11. Does the fibrosis progresses all from itself ? Like in cirrhosis stage ?
12. What treatment should I ask for from my doctor ?
13. What are some new promising developments that could help me in my treatment ?
14. Can you list some top things to avoid in my condition ?
15. Are my liver/stomach/gastrical/head/ discomforts associated with something other that fibrosis and hepatitis b ? Doctors I met often suspect parasites.
16. What tests should I perform, which doctors to visit ?
17. What supplementation can I get for myself ? Milk thistle, taurine, cordyceps, vitamin e, others ? And how much ?
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sorry too long, i just read fast the important points, you dont have too worry since all you have is fully and easily reversible if you have an updated doctor or better go to liver research centers in europe:

fibroscan doean t need reference to biopsy scales anymore since it is more accurate to predict liver damage and cancer risk.studies on fibroscan made clear an increased liver cancer risk with values over 8kpa for hbeag neg.
best way to regress fibrosis is hepatitistechnologies producs+healthy diet+weist<94cm+bmi50ng/ml is the best way to clear hbv but:
interferon alpha has too many sides, better wait for interferon lambda which has no relevant sides and more potency
gcmaf might be effective to clear hbv better wait and see if it works
interferon aplha+telbivudine may have perpheral neruophaty sides over 24 weeks so it must be staggered.vit D has shown to reduce telbivudine PN sides and interferon lambda combo might have no PN sides

5. Can I be cured ?
if you mean clear hbv, who knows, chances are 35% clearance at 2 years of interferon+lam.this rate will increase if telbvudine is used, if ntz is uded, if vitd and sim are used, if interferon lambda is used

if yo mean keep liver without any damage this is very easy with hepatitistechnologies products whichare free of sides or with antivirals which can have relevant sides if used for many years

6. Lets say some day my hbsag level reaches 0. Will my fibrosis still develop even having a good heathy life and diet ? Can my fibrosis be surgically removed ? I know this seems naive, but still don't know what will next 20 years of medical research bring.

fibrosis is very easy to regress, even early cirrhosis.see my posts about diet, making hbvdna und and heptech products

7. Can I exercise or not ?
you have to but moderate.too much makes damage and lowers immune system while moderate increase natural interferon and keeps the body healthy by low weight

8. Lets say some day I might need a transplant. Can I exercise then normally ? How often and for how long will I need to take medication then ?

not needed anymore on hbv, only end stage cirrhosis of people unware of having hbv can reach that point or liver cancer

10. Was my fibroscan test valid or should I perform a biopsy ?
no fibroscan is more accurate.biopsy is needed only when fibroscan cannot read

16. What tests should I perform, which doctors to visit ?
fibroscan and ultrasound every 6 months
hbsg quantity every 6 months
hbvdna pcr every 6 months
alt/ast every 6 months

17. What supplementation can I get for myself ?
as soon as possible:
heptitistechnologies products to regress fibrosis
vitamin d3 supplements until you reach and keep vit d 25oh serum at a level over 50ng/ml, better as close as possible to 80-100ng/ml.monitor serum calcium, vit d 25oh every 3 months and drink 2 liters of water

take simvastatin 40mg and increase to 80mg if no sides.check alt/ast monthly at begining.if sim makes sides you can use red yeast rice with a monacolin k content of at least 6mg daily
this is to reach:
tot chol<150mg/dl
panthetine (vit b5) increases hdl
liposomal glutathione can be used to lower ldl and increase hdl, regress liver damage, increase immune system response.lipo gsh is expensive and produced by livonlabs.com

check also if you have fatty liver, high glucose and insuline resistance by homa test.if you do bitter melon tea might help a lot because potency of bitter melon is close to rostiglitazone but has no sides.this has activity on hbv too and weaken the virus
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as to therapies i'd wait to see if:
gcmaf works on hbv
maf 3 14 works on hbv
interferon lambda available

in the meantime you might check your nagalase level, nagalase makes immune system blind and cronic infection persist, thisis probably true with hbv too (my nagalase was very very high 6.7U)
this is a research level test and canbe performed only by:
europeanlaboratory.nl (netherlands and US)
redlabs.com  europe

redlabs can also check vdr.vdr is necessary to know genetic receptors for gcmaf therapy because VDR ff/BB receptors do not respond
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