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Chronic infection

Hi, I recently read on the national health service (NHS) website that the younger you are at time of infection the less likely you are to rid Hep B. Is this correct? I can find no more information regarding this. I just turned 17 years old at time of exposure

I am still unable to test at this present time but continue to have

extreme fatigue
joint pain
orange/brown urine
yellowish eyes/skin
pain under right rib

Does Hepatitis B present itself with these symptoms?
Also is there a test that can be done by using other bodily fluids e.g saliva or urine?

Thank you
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If you truly were just exposed to it at 17 yrs old, then you may just be having an acute bout. You will most likely get over it and eventually be permanently immune.

However, many people who are chronic today got it from their mothers during childbirth or from others in the first 5 years of life.

You do have to see a doctor, with the symptoms you just described. What you are describing also matches the symptoms of gallstones.
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Thank you for your comment but my exposure was when I was 17 and I am now 19, I had an exposure through unprotected sex and 4 months later I had flu symptoms and joint pain with nausea and appitite loss. Now I have dark urine and yellow eyes/ skin also.
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those synthoms match with liver damage and many other illnesses, hbv has those synthoms only rarely on acute, never on cronic.the yellow is bilirubin and it gets abnormal only on acute liver damage or very very advanced cronic damage.acute makes no liver damage once you recover from illness in about 6 months

all tests are in the link but you have to check liver functions blood tests, if you have one available fibroscan to see liver damage if you find abnormal liver functions, all viruses that can make liver damage (hav, hbv, hcv, hgv,hev), unfortunately there are liver viruses for all alphabet but only those i have written are common

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