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Cured from Chronic Hepa B what's next?

Good day to everyone!

I'm a chronic Hepatitis B patient who just got cured. I was inactive carrier for more than 10 years, then chronic active for the last 4 years. I started treatment more than 2 years ago because my HBV DNA is already on maximum count and my sgpt is highly elevated to he point of being icteric. After 10 months of entecavir and natural supplementation my HBV DNA is undetectable and after 24 months my Hbeag is non reactive, Hbsag w/ titer (CMIA by Abott) is non reactive, Sgpt/sgot is normal, Anti-Hbs and Anti-hbe is still non-reactive. I like to post this question because there are very few cases like mine and I would like to hear what happens next.
How can I improve my anti-hbs and Anti-hbs? Is there any vaccination which can stimulate production of antibodies to make it reactive? Also my eosinophils is high for the past 3 months. Is this due to my immune response to eliminate Hbsag? I try to check the web for any correlation between high eosinophils and hbsag elimination but as I said there very limited cases and I can't find any more information. Any sharing of information is a great help. God Bless everyone!
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Dear Friend,

Could you explain your case  a little bit detailed? Such as your fibrosis DNA Count, ALT-AST levels etc...
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first of all not cured until hbsab is undetectable, this is a must to be sure there is no relapse or low hbvdna present (what was the senibility of the pcr?)

How can I improve my anti-hbs and Anti-hbs?
peginterferon, hbv vaccine or the combo of both.normal hbv vaccine has been used in this stage but we have a member checking israel hbv vaccine which has more antigens and is much more potent than normal hbv vaccine, check his posts about his response to it

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WOW! congratz Bro!
Good is good! ^_^
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Thank you for your response. That is really my next goal and I know hbsag may go back if I don't increase my anti-hbs. My mom and I now have a similar case, she's cured from hbsag and we check her Anti-hbs quarterly and it's just fluctuating but still non-reactive. Her value is around 2-3 iu/ml and the cut-off value is above 10 to be considered reactive. My HBV DNA is 110,000,000 iu/ml before treatment, it become <6 iu/ml on month 10 of entecavir. My sgpt(kinetic) was around 300 u/l before treatment. It was down to 90 u/l on month 4 and normal on month 8 of treatment and continues to be within the normal range upto now (my sgpt now is 21 u/l). I don't think I have any liver damage before/during and after treatment so I am very lucky to start the treatment before anything serious happen. The only time I have elevated sgpt during treatment is when I acquired a Hepa A virus which is very symptomatic (aundice, pale stools, cannot eat, dark urine) That was month 5. My sgpt rise to 1400 u/l but then it subside after 2 months.

To Bibhoy: Thanks! God is really good! God Bless.
What medication did u use
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God Bless you to and I'm happy to hear your positive results :)
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Amazing! ^_^
sorry for the late reply!=_+

You made it this far and I know that in time you will create the perfect anti-hbs  for eradicating completely the virus. I hope you mom will soon be cured completely too.

We are the same at entecavir and what you are experiencing is exactly what I have now but I'm gonna check again soon if I am non reactive.

This is a good thread and I hope everyone will see this and
So that anyone can ask and be encourage! Cheers! ^_^
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please check if also you mom had hav infection

as reported by many clinical cases a liver superinfection with benigne viruses activates immune system which is able to suppress hbvdna but your report is a first because hbv was already suppressed by entecavir and hav may be the reason of the clearance
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Good for you so far!

"How can I improve my anti-hbs and Anti-hbs?"

There was an in vivo study saying that, after vaccination, Coenzyme Q10 increase antibody titer: Statistics revealed that Q10 in the dose 180 mg/day is able to increase antibody response in vivo in humans vaccinated against hepatitis B with up to 57%: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10416052
Is it really working or is a study sponsored by Q10 sellers?..who knows
If you want to try , keep in mind the study is about the old ubiquinone, now there is a new more potent form ubiquinol, I think.
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My doctor also have that study on superimposed HAV and HBV and told me there are reported cases of superimposed liver infection that actually eliminates both HAV and HBV. But after 6 months from acquiring HAV and still have HBV, it shows my immune response activated by HAV has not clear the virus HBV so entacavir treatment is still continued. I also think selenium supplementation plays a good role in totally eliminating the virus. I think there are studies in China showing good effects of selenium in liver cancer cases. As for my mom, she does not have HAV. Her case is different. She started lamivudine in the 90's then become inactive, then ralapse came and she took hepsera, become inactive then relapse again and took entacavir, become inactive, then another relapse again and she no longer want to take antiviral. We go natural, she took selenium, zinc and copper supplementation for 2 months and become inactive carrier and HBV DNA was down from 13,000,000 iu/ml to 6 iu/ml. Then discontinued zinc and copper as per doctor's advice and continue with selenium supplementation for more than a year. Her Hbsag (Abott Architect) was just around 700 and it no longer move that much but hbeag remained nonreactive, sgpt around 40-50 mild fatty liver. Then she took stem cell caps and Hbsag becomes nonreactive on month 4. So my mom's case was solve using purely natural  on her last relapse. But probably the antivirals she used to take also plays a major role because I tried the same natural product (except stem cell caps) but has no effect on me and I conclude that this is because of my high viral load condition which prompt me to take antiviral entecavir. These are two real life cases and I hope this can be studied and be used to solve and cure Hepatitis B. I have one more brother who is active HBV right now but still refuse to undergo medication due to financial reason. His sgpt is slightly above the range but tolerable but as soon as it goes up we will have to start treatment immediately. So i'll just stay here and read your informative post's and learn more about this disease and be part of the solution to this problem.    
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Thank you for the info. I will check if there are local suppliers here in the Philippines and review with my doctors if it is safe to use and if they have cases like mine who has positive results.

Bhiboy: Give us a feedback on your treatment results and periodic updates. Hope you will heal soon. God Bless everyone!
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minerals are not the reason of hbv clearance, most of us take it from a long time and are present in heptech and d3plus and most supplements.
they can only help an immune response already present by itself

the reasons can be HAV or you are among the few 5% clearing on etv
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Probably I belong to the lucky 5% clearing on etv but my mom's hbsag clearance after relapse was purely natural and we have a common element for hbsag clearance which is mineral supplementation. So I think this a good sign for medical review. Here in the Philippines there are many cases of HBV and I have a few friends in the forums who now tries this approach and I directed them to my doctor. I will report here for any updates on their treatment. The only way to prove something is to try it and look for the lab results for any improvements. Lab results will always tell the truth. This is what I did and it works for me.  
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mineral supplementation? can you elaborated?
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Mineral supplementation is additional intake of minerals (in my case selenium)  beyond the recommended dosage of regular multivitamins sold in the market. We have a doctor here the Philippines who studies about this approach and he has his full research on this approach. I combine this to the prescribed antiviral entacavir and it works for me. I become hbsag non-reactive in 2 years of medication. Hope this helps.  
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ok, salamat!

can i ask which doctor you go to?
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Is chronic hep b cureable ? Is their natural things i can or should be taking at home. ? I take milk thistle...............
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Chronic ACTIVE . i meant.sorry
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Theres hope for a cure from Hepb which is what we all are looking for on this site! Currently, depending on your labs, most promising direction at the moment is TNF with PegInf add on after 2-3 years. A number of members on this site have achieved clearance this way.
The horizon is full of many promising cures which might become available in the near future.
In the meantime, i would advise you to go do your labs: HBsag quantiy, HBDNA, Alt/Ast. Share results with Stef. Would give lots of helpful advise. Keep hopes alive!!!!
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Unfortunately i do not have a doctor and have not seen anyone seen anyone for my hep b since i was diagnosed at age 14. I am now 31.. this is on my to do list asap.i did not realize anything was to be done for it actually thata wahy
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Hi engr delacruz! I would like to see your doctor too. My doctor prescribed me lamivudine but I haven't take it yet because a friend told me that it is harmful. my hbvdna is 23 million, hbasg +ve, hbeag +ve, alt is 66 (normal is 30). thanks.
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Yes it is curable because I'm already cured. I take selenium supplementation combined with entacavir baraclude. My mom was on antiviral, then quit antiviral and started going natural. She was also cured. Every type of treatment will depend on your condition so a laboratory test should be done before any treatment or medication.
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Send me a private message so I can give you full details of my doctor. I don't think it is allowed to put doctors here the forum. Lamivudine is probably the oldest form of antiviral with some side effects, high chance of relapse. Your lab results shows you are in the active case, highly infectious. You have to monitor for 6 months if the lab results would get better or worse.  
Sir I'm glad to hear dat u already cured! Gusto ko lng sana humingi ng payo Sayu sir kung Anu ang dapat kun itanong sa doctor for d best choice na dapat etreat a akin kc sa tingin chronic na Ako kc kapag pinipiga ko ung balat ko nag yeyelow wish at palagi pong itchy at dry ung skin ko. Pls sir I Ned ur advice? Magpachek up na rin kc Ako bukas.
Hi Breekx, kailangan mo ng basic laboratory test para ma-determine ang kundisyon ng sakit mo at ng katawan mo. Hbsag w/ titer (CMIA), Hbeag, Sgpt, Sgot. Kung may malapit na hi-precision diagnostics dun ka pakuha. Kapag nalaman ang kundisyon ng katawan mo dun makikita kung anong treatment ang pwede sayo. God bless.
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I have been taking baraclude for two and half years.My latest test reports are as follows.
HBsag-545.1 iu/ml
HBV DNA -undetectable
HBeAg - Non reactive
All other tests are normal. can you share your history to clear hbsag?
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What is you biopsy or fibroscan result?
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