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Efficacy of Hepatitis B post exposure prophylaxis ( Am I Infected)

I am new to this great forum and really thanks the team behind this helpful initiative to save lives. I had a very high risk encounter and want to know if am infected and my options

On 20th Jan 2020, I had sex using condom with Hepatitis B positive lady in acute stage, newly infected. Unfortunately the condom pulled during sex and I continued for like 5 minutes without knowing.

Am not vaccinated. I did baseline tests and it's negative with no prior immunity.

The next day (14 hours later) I took a shot of hepatitis B vaccine and a shot of hepatitis B immuneglobulin (5.4ml)

How effective is this emergency intervention?

Am I still at risk or will the PEP take care of the situation.

A doctor recommended I repeat the vaccine in 2 weeks time from first shot since my exposure was very high risk. I am thinking of repeating the vaccine shot in a week after the first shot since I work offshore and wont be able to take a shot in two weeks. Will there be any side effect doing  this . Do I need to do anything  more.
thanks a lot for your helps
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I did a quick google search and found this information from the US CDC

“After exposure to hepatitis B virus (HBV), appropriate and timely prophylaxis can prevent HBV infection and subsequent development of chronic infection or liver disease. The mainstay of postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) is hepatitis B vaccine, but, in certain circumstances, hepatitis B immune globulin is recommended in addition to vaccine for added protection.”


Also this from another source

“ Hepatitis B vaccine is highly effective in preventing acute infection after exposure if given within 7 days and preferably within 48 hours.”


For more information  beyond what I as a layperson was able to find I would recommend you speak with your doctor as they are best able to fully answer your questions and concerns and then follow their advice..  

Best of luck.
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