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Future of this HBV!!!

what do u think about the progress of cure for hbv? it is known that the virus had been discovered late 60s, it s been more than 40 years and  still i read the same drugs the same discussions, wont be there any progress we can hear??  
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Good question.
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check my old posts about alinia and DNA-BASED AMPHIPATHIC POLYMER/rapid HBsAg SEROCONVERSION

the solution will come out slowly and for big pharma the best solution is an ativiral tx for life like on hiv

i think the solution is close because all trials on new hiv/hbv antivirals have stopped on hbv on 2009 but only for hbv not hiv, also alinia on hbv seams to have been stopped

it also looks very odd that there is an incredible number of trials on hcv now which is a small market compared to hbv and hiv and studies very limited

so maybe some combinations are giving good hbsab seroconvertions or more probably these AMPHIPATHIC POLYMERs will stop hbv and the need for all other antivirals too
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