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HBcAB positive after being fully vaccinated, very confused now!


I'm a 26 year old female. I just got my test result and am very confused now.

HBsAG: negative
HBcAB: positive
HBsAB: positive

The nurse said it means I got a past infection and now I'm already immunized.

However, I got three doses of Hep B vaccines when I was 10, the fourth dose when I was 11 and the fifth dose when I was 15. I tested negative for Hep B before I got the vaccines. So I'm sure I didn't get it when I was a kid before getting the vaccines.

I am not a drug user, I didn't get any blood transfusion, I only has one sex partner and both of us were virgin before having sex with each other. How is it possible that I could be infected after finishing 5 doses of vaccines?

Do you guys think my result for HBcAB could be false-positive? If not, it means I belong to one of the very rare case that the vaccine didn't work?

I'm very confused and scared now because I can't know when I got it. I could have transfer it to my boyfriend because we had unprotected sex. We started to have sex one year ago. Do you guys think my boyfriend could be at risk?

Please advise. I'm so worried now and I can't even sleep :(

Thank you very much!
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Your result says Hbsag negative, so you don't need to be worried about HBV.
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Hi Royal,

I know I don't have it at present but I'm more worried about my boyfriend. If I only cleared it up recently, I could have transferred it to my boyfriend. The thought of him being infected because of me is even scary to me than the fact that I was infected.

And I still don't understand how I could get it even will full courses of vaccines with very low risk of exposure? Has anyone saw any situation similar to me before?
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