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HEP B results

I just received my HepB results, no one was able to explain me my results, cause simply no one spoke any English.
these are my results:
HBsAg 0,353
HBsAb >1000
HBeAg 0,088
HBeAb 0,093
HBcAb 0,006
As far as I know, I never got immunized for HepB, so I'm quite confused with such a high HBsAb results
Should I be concerned?
thank you
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Your results have no units and no reference ranges, so it would be hard to interpret.
If you were HbsAg negative, HBcAb negative, but HbsAb positive, then the most plausible explanation is that you were vaccinated. If you were vaccinated as a baby, it would be difficult for you to remember. In many countries now, Hepatitis B vaccination at birth is standard practice.
The high level of HBsAb may indicate a recent exposure to HBV, and the body naturally reacts and produces more antibodies.
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cant post it properly , here it goes
HBsAg 0,353  neg:less than1  poz:more or equal to1 COI
HBsAb >1000 neg:less than 10 poz: more or equal to 10IU/l
HBeAg 0,088 neg:less than1  poz:more or equal to1 COI
HBeAb 0,093 neg:less than1  poz:more or equal to1 COI
HBcAb 0,006 neg:less than1  poz:more or equal to1 COI
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your results are ok, you don't have hbv and you never had it in the past.
If your HBsAb is > 1000 means you've been vacinated, is it correct ?
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