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Help with my Lab Test, please

I am a man in my early 40s. I am a chronic carrier of hepB. About 10 years ago, my viral load was undetectable. I had a test few days ago and below are my results. My primary doc is not a specialist on HepB. I will see a specialist in about 2 months. I just would like to get some help from the community and educated myself better. For those of you who have experience, please, look at my results and let me know :
1) What do you see generally from my test results ?
2) Is my viral load low, high, or very high ?
3) Is treatment recommended in my situation?
I feel fine and my vitamin and other tests are fine.

Component                          Your value   Standard range
HEP B DNA, PCR                   43 IU/mL    <=9 IU/mL

HEP B VIRAL LOAD, PCR 1.63 log           log

Hep B surface AG :  POSITIVE


HepC Antibody Test:

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1)  Generally it is clear that you have hepatitis B. Your DNA levels are very low which is good. I hope you can clear the virus.

2) Your viral load is very low.

3)All US doctors will not give you treatment. They will say your viral load is too low.

I would strongly recommend you take vitamin D and drink coffee. You may be able to get rid of the virus if you do those two things.
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