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Hep D Treatment Approved in Europe


We have been talking about Myrcludex B for sometime in this forum. Finally approved.
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Wow that is great news, so happy to  hear. Does it actually work?
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Please see the below link
First HBV Patient Dosed in Phase IIa Clinical Trial of ASC22, a Subcutaneously Administered PD-L1 Antibody


Please advice.
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myrcludex is useful in combination for hbv infection.peg+myrcludex had hbsag loss increased to 27% but hbv cure is very close by replicor and many other drug combinations that it is not worth to use peginterferon due to the severe side effects
What is the latest news on Replicor Stef? When do you think it will come to the market? It is so sad to know that something is working but not available
i think they dont want approve replicor, maybe too fast to cure for them.rna interference and less effective drugs will be approved first then maybe we will have also replicor.my guess is that we will have the cure by 5 years maximum unless the coronavirus hysteria will make severe economy recessions and these new drugs will not be affordable
I'm still losing some hair after only 5 shots of interferon, 4 months ago. Not pleasant at all.
i confirm i had bald patches all over, i had to use minoxidil...and not to mention hypothyroidism, so lucky it stopped at subclinical level without autoantibodies...probably all the vit d i was taking....really not worth it
i can t think of a whole life taking hypothyroidism pills, so lucky i had the knowledge to reverse it and stop the pills
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Hi Hepbcurepls - I sent you a message a few weeks ago.  Did you get it?  Thx.
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