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Hepatitis B and liver function testing cycle

Dear Sir,

Please advice me how frequent Fibroscan test to be carried out for Hepatitis B patients.( For Liver Function test every six month cycle to be tested like that).

Thanks in advance.

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Here is a regimen you can follow. Fibroscan every year would be good. Be careful getting it when you have an ALT flare, you could get false positives.

Preliminary Information:
1.       How long you have had HBV? (example, birth, don’t know)
2.       Family history of Liver Cancer HCC
3.       HBV Genotype

Group1: every 6 months (Virus and Immune activity monitoring)
1.       Liver Enzymes (ALT, AST) + .
2.       HBV DNA
3.       HBsAg Quantitative
4.       HBeAG – only if previously positive
5.       Liver Function Tests (Bilirubin, Albumin,  platelette counts)

Group 2: every 6 months (HCC Screening)
1.       AFP
2.       DCP des-gamma carboxy prothrombin
3.       AFP-L3%
4.       Ultrasound (Liver contour, Spleen Size, Portal Vein Diameter) especially over age of 40

Group 3: every year
1.       Fibroscan
2.       Fibrosure / Fibrospect

Group 4: (every few years if HBVDNA detectable)
1.       Precore/Core Mutation
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