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Hepatitis B doubts

1. Can i get hep B from a handjob?
2. What is the window period to get tested?
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This cannot be serious.  You should probably go get your private area checked out bc from your concerns, it probably has has lots of cuts for it to enter your body.  And also stop getting hand jobs from strangers who has cuts all over their hands!    

Aren’t you worried about the going out and eating bc that cook could have hiv, aids, hep b, hep c, hep d, covid 19, or even all above. What about the people that package the foods at the market or the cashier who handles your money!
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Is that a dig at me ?
So I can get it in this way right ?I have no cuts etc .. the lady was clean as well ... sorry for my ignorance
No offense, but it’s like asking can I get hep b from a hand shake.  

Are you not concerned about hiv, aids, hep c or anything else but hep b?  

Why were you not concerned before hand.  No pun intended
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