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Hepatitis B risk. Deep kissing.

I have been in a relationship for 6 months (now ex-partner). The day before yesterday she told me that she has hepatitis B. All our relations were with a condom but I am worried about deep kisses. Is there a possibility of transmission by this route?

In two days I did the tests to clear up doubts but I'm a little worried about it. Thanks for the information you can provide.
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Hey, I have never heard, seen or read anyone getting Hep B from kissing.

Knowing the biology of the virus I can’t see how it’s possible either.

In fact your condom protected sex was more risk than kissing (and just think how low that was)

I see no reason for concern.
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Many thanks for taking your time to reply.

I think for example that at some point we have kissed with some small wound or unnoticed dental bleeding etc...

I wonder how could sex with a condom be riskier?
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get a vaccine
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