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My toothbrush touched the tip of a hep b active person's toothpaste?Is there any chance of getting that virus?
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There’s always a chance.  I no longer share a bath room with family
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Then you are crazy
Your downplaying the seriousness of hep b.  If you have kids, touch your toothbrush with theirs..  are you willing to let someone with hep b touch their toothbrush with your kid, if u have any????
Mr Fing Hb You please read post completely before answering. Bsaha vaccinated 26 years ago, how he will get Hep B by touching tooth brush. By your posts you are raising doubts on vaccine. All our family members vaccinated and we are sharing our bath rooms from decades with out any problem.
Thank you and I am hep b free , my husband has hep b and we have shared a bathroom for years along with our children . We are all vaccinated...I am not downplaying the infection , I just understand how it is transferred
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Go and get vaccinated.
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I got vaccinated 26 years ago.should i take vaccine again?
Then no if you got vaccinated you are immune
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Doubt it...
Blood would have had to be on the toothpaste then transfer to your toothbrush then you would have to cut your gums brushing.... So unlikely.... However not impossible I suppise
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If i got vaccinated 26 years ago?should i need it?
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