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I was offered to get on the clinical trial for AB-729.. anyone else on this?

For those that don't know, I have been a part of the clinical trial for TDF vs TAF.. I have been on this trial for 7 years. The trial started in 2014 for me before I was officially switched to TAF permanently for 5 years. The trial has now officially ended after 7 years time. I am truly blessed that I was able to partake in this for so long. For those who don't know about it, you can read up more on my latest situations here:


First off I want to thank all the great doctors and clinical trial nurses who have been helping me along the way with through. Without them, I may not be alive today or at least not steered in the right direction. Now that the trial has ended, I have had a choice to make.. stay on TAF which I need to go through insurance *or* partake in the recent clinical trial of AB-729-201.

Here is the most recent article I was able to find on the study: https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2021/06/29/2254589/14025/en/Arbutus-Biopharma-and-Antios-Therapeutics-Announce-Clinical-Collaboration-Agreement-to-Evaluate-AB-729-in-Combination-with-ATI-2173-in-Subjects-with-Chronic-Hepatitis-B-Virus-Infec.html

The doctor did tell me that it would be TAF/Vemlidy combined with this new drug and after a certain amount of weeks, they throw interferon treatment on it. My concern here is the interferon treatment. My HbSAG quantitative (I was told) was just above 400 and they suggested I'd be a great candidate for this study. Naturally, I'm worried about side effects of interferon.

On the other hand, I'm starting to not believe that it will be TAF/Vemlidy but I may be switched back to TDF/Viread, something I do not want to go back on as I felt it was too potent for me.I'm reading the literature and this article and there's no guarantee on what I'll be taking. They said it would be likely a short trial, with the interferon being 12 or 24 weeks (depending where I fall or what happens). The goal is to reduce by HbSAG even more to almost nothing and hope I develop antibodies through the process, something they have been struggling to get patients to do.

That being said, for the moment, I've decided to stick with TAF/Vemlidy but I want to see if anyone has any opinions on this. The facility I go to is one of the only 12 facilities in the country here that is doing this trial, so it's very limited. Naturally, I'm not sure how much I want to put myself through but if it gives me a chance to completely clear Chronic Hepatitis B, maybe the risk is worth the reward?

I'll share my latest results when I have them in the last thread I made as one of my last posts there, but if anyone can guide me, I'd  be all ears. At the moment, I get 3 months of TAF from my insurance before I have to refill it. I think cost is actually a factor as well, because if my co-pay is gigantic then my choice becomes more obvious. I would honestly like to try and clear this naturally first, but I know that is difficult, though I am getting closer by the day! Figured I'd share with all since I've been so quiet here. God Bless all of you and thank you all for the major support over these past 7 years. I don't think I get through this without any of you as well!
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So I asked my doctor about this trial some more. Most questions were answered in the consent form. However, I did not feel I was personally ready for it "right now" but may want to consider it in 6 months. I asked him if it was still going to be on the table in 6 months and he gave me a flat "no" answer. My big concerns were with how much time I'd need to spend there  and with this trials, not being able to get the time off of work right now and being on Interferon. Everything else seemed ok to me but a lot seems a bit overwhelming. He did tell me flat out that this had the best chance out of any in doing a cure, but he did not share with me the others in the pipeline. Needless to say, on top of focusing on my career first.. I also want to focus on the rest of my health before committing to this. I figured I'd update all as to what I know. I still may do a screening of some sort and be able to decide after 45 days if I want to proceed or not, but here I am saying no.. for now.
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Just wondering, did you ever get my PM, I sent you couple weeks ago?
Yes I did and I respond to you in the other thread that I did. Thank you for the info
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My experience with Interferon: even at ALT : 1000 I/U  I had No symptoms besides some hair loss, but I believe that was due to intense stress, not necessarily Interferon.
So I guess you will only know once you start on it, but in regards to side effects, I wouldn't be extremely worried.
Indeed it has a very small chance of messing out with your tyroid or other organs, but what drugs do not this days....
I'm glad to hear you're doing ok.
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I'm not worried about hair loss. Using a number 1 or 2 razor for my haircuts anyway, so I'm ok should I ever need a bald head lol
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my personal choice would be wait, my situation is similar to yours, hbsag around 600iu/ml and so many drugs will be available in the near future
i don t like rnai too much because dna off targets effects is a possibility, they found it on other rnai drugs approved but you dont easily see it in the short term studies, i think decades are needed to see these effects
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Hi Stef, Good read "so many drugs will be available in the near future". Would you please do your best guess and name these possible new drugs and their timelines? Thanks
Thank you so much, Stef! Yeah I want to see where my latest hbsag is at now as well... I just had it measured again for my end of clinical trial since it's been about a year since my last result. The doctors are indeed being pushy about getting me on this trial, this much I can tell you, but I have many other stresses and ailments I want to focus on too and just not sure I'll have the time with work for treaments....

If you have any other drugs in the pipeline you know about, I'd love to read about them.. send them my way :)
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happy to hear from you. please keep us updated
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