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Interferon Treatment

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis be during a routine Blood test.
my Viral load indicated 18,256 copies. 3.26E3IU
HBsAg+, HBsAb-, HBeAg-, HBeAb+, anti-HBc+
ALT and AST both normal.
The Physician suggested some alternatives which includes interferon injections, monitoring & antiviral drugs.
So after learning that some people cleat the Virus with Interferon, I'm inclining towards it but very few can afford it, so i dont have a clearer picture of what's going on.

Please based on the above results, what do you suggest i do & is Interferon safe for someone in my stage?
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less than 10% clear hbv and side effects can be hell if you also pay for this it is a fraud!to know if you can be in that 10% that clears hbv you need hbsag level in iu/ml and if available hbcrag level.only hbsag less than 1000iu/ml may have a change of response, less than 100iu/ml best chance to clear.you also need high blood levels of vitd25oh around 100ng/ml and some immune modulators to increase chances like zadaxin or immune modulatory mushrooms like maitake, shitake, reishi
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anyway there are many drugs close to approval so it would be best using antivirals entecavir or taf, these dont clear hbv but stop replication and liver damage
Hi stef
which drugs are close to approval? I really like to know.
I don't see any drugs in phase III trial right now. Maybe I'm not up to date. Thanks.
about 30 drugs but it is too early to talk about it because only their combination might cure.until now only replicor drug has shown hbv cure combined to peg or thymosin alpha and nucs
I've tested HBV undetectable now

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