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Interferon trial: Should I get involved?

Hi friends

I saw my liver specialist 2 days ago for a regular followup.

Just a few stats from my recent tests.
- DNA  still ard 200k copies
- HBe negative
- Didnt test HBs quant level, as specialist felt no extra informational value for now as would likely be high given my vload.
- ultrasound normal
- ALT/AST slightly elevated
- fibroscan 6mths ago was ard 5.5

He says I can monitor for now or start treatment if I want to, but there is no urgency,

Nevertheless, he brought up the topic of being part of a trial of two peg-interferon, which he called peg-intf 2A and 2B. I cannot remember all the details, but briefly, one is by Roche and the other by Merck. Sounded like trial to compare efficacy.

The accepted participants will either receive 2A or 2B for 1 year with regular doctor monitoring. Of course, the necessary blood tests will be done pre-treatment as well as regularly. The entire trial will be free for partcipants.

According to Stef, the right treatment is the sequential orals then interferon. So I reckon little benefit from doing interferon for a patient who has not been treated before with orals?

But since it will not cost anything to the trial participants, other than having to brave the side effects, should I consider this treatment? Or totally not worth the side effects?

Your comments/advice appreciated.

Thank you.

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if pegintf is not free in your healthcare you may parteciapte, your doctor is extremely ignorant about hbv so i hope he is not in charge for this trial

make sure they have hbsag quantification otherwise there is no point in doing this treatment or get the test done from a lab

hbvdna has nothing to do with hbsag quantity, hbsag quant is the only thing to look at to predict response before starting treatment and during treatment to stop it at 12 or 24 weeks if not working

pegintf 2b is inferior, thisis alredy well known, unless they schedule more injections per week and higher doses than usual
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To be fair, he is juz saying not necessary to spend money for the extra test yet. But if anyone starts treatment, HBs will be measured.

Yes, treatment is not free here .

So is it worth taking chance with side efects for free treatment?

: )
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hbsag quantification is extremely cheap and simple test.here it is 7€ if you want to pay for it or free by healthcare.some private labs can be so bastards to extra charge till 50€ but the cost can never reach the cost of hbvdna pcr

it worths join the trial, check your hbv genotype and hbsag quant baseline, this will help understand your response and is mandatory

prepare yourself to the treatment by making serum vitamind25oh levels high end of normal 90-100ng/ml, this will help pegintf response a great deal, vitamin d activates intf genes and also lower excess inflammation which is one of the bad sides of pegintf

taking ezetimibe from 10 to 50mg daily will help intf response, it activates genes that viruses usually deactivate to diasable intf.it also blocks receptors that allow hbv entrance in liver cells
we dont know how much effect this may have on hbv pegintf treatment but it did have an increase from 45% to 65% on hcv trials

nitazoxanide, this also boost pegintf pathways and may increase pegintf response

you can both of try these drugs added combo, ezetimibe and ntz, or try them in case of pegintf non response.they both have irrelevant sides effects.

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One thing to consider from information that people (patients) posted on these forums

- my case similar to yours a complete fail with IFN ( I haven't used any NUC's before)
- 2-3 cases reported with use of NUC's before IFN that worked very well.

Both ways have its chances but when just looking on this forum sequential looks superior - and this is what latest results confirm.
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Thanks fot sharing!
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Where does one get NTZ and EZE from?

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pharmacy but this is different from country to country.

some countries need prescription while some others sell everything you want when you just pay...this happens expecially where drugs are free by healthcare.in these countries, like europe and some asian, doctors are open to prescribe drugs with no relevant side effects

if you are in US you have very little freedom of choice for this, i guess you can only pray for a good doctor or buy on online pharmacies or if close to borders go to buy in mexico
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ezetimibe is a drug used to block cholesterol absorption in the stomach, it has no relevant sides

nitazoxanide is an antiviral and antibacteria drug, one of the rare drugs allowed on babies also since sides are so little
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