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Just started Baraclude (entecavir)

Hello! I tested positive to Hepatitis B in January 2016. The last time I had tested for it was in 2014 and I didn't have the virus back then. Unfortunately, my doctor said it was chronic, even though I had 95% chances not to become chronic, since I was 24 years old when I got the disease. One month and half ago, I started taking Baraclude 0,5mg indefinitely. My doctor keeps saying that I should not get scared, but it's impossible.

HBsAg +

HBsAg +
AST 68 U/L
ALT 128 U/L
ALP 104 U/L
GGT 26 U/L
Bilirubin direct 0,20 mg/dL
Bilirubin indirect 0,45 mg/dL
Bilirubin total 0,65 mg/dL

HBsAg +
Anti-HBc total +
Anti-HBc IgM -
Anti-HBe -
Anti-HBs + 157 UI/L
AST 59 U/L
ALT 136 U/L
GGT 22 U/L
Prothrombin time 13,9 seconds
Partial thromboplastin time 32,9 seconds
HBV DNA PCR + 243.000.000 UI/mL (8,39 log UI/mL)

HBsAg +
HBeAg +
Anti-HBe -
Anti-HBs + 158 UI/L
AST 52 U/L
ALT 112 U/L
GGT 21 U/L
HBV DNA PCR + 549.000.000 UI/mL (8,74 log UI/mL)

HBsAg +
HBeAg +
Anti-HBe -
Anti-HBs + 268 UI/L
AST 65 U/L
ALT 153 U/L
HBV DNA PCR + 576.000.000 UI/mL (8,76 log UI/mL)

ALP 97 U/L
Prothrombin time 13,5 seconds
Partial thromboplastin time 34,4 seconds
Bilirubin direct 0,24 mg/dL
Bilirubin indirect 0,39 mg/dL
Bilirubin total 0,63 mg/dL
Albumin 5,0 g/dL

Right here, she wanted me to take Baraclude, so I asked for the government, but they denied me, saying that interferon was the first option for me.

Lactic acid 8,4 mg/dL
Urea 31 mg/dL
Creatinine 0,82 mg/dL
AST 54 U/L
ALT 145 U/L
GGT 17 U/L
HBV DNA PCR + 280.000.000 UI/mL (8,45 log UI/mL)

After this test, I tried to get peg-interferon, but the government said they didn't have it any more.

AST 38 U/L
ALT 79 U/L
GGT 14 U/L
Bilirubin direct 0,15 mg/dL
Bilirubin indirect 0,34 mg/dL
Bilirubin total 0,49 mg/dL
ALP 99 U/L
HBeAg +
Anti-HBe -
HBV DNA PCR + 381.000.000 UI/mL (8,58 log UI/mL)

After this test, I told my doctor that I didn't want to wait for the government any more, so if she thought that I had to take Baraclude, I would buy it with my own money. She then prescribed me and I started taking it on 05/07/2017. In the beginning of September, as soon as I finish my second box, I will get tested again.
I've never been to any other doctor to get a second opinion, so I would like to know from you if Baraclude is really the best option for me. Also, I would like to know what you think of my tests, since my AST and ALT began to go down naturally - with no medicine at all -, even though my HBV DNA was higher than the last time, as well as what does my Anti-HBs + means in a practical way.
Thank you very much!
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tenofovir is the best consult your doctor regarfing this medicine
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I too contracted it in age 24 and feel myself helpless daily to get rid of this curse. It's torturous!
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Can you please help with an info? From did you bought Baraclude? Did you procured it online and if so, from what country? I seen that are many brands for this Baraclude, which one are you using?
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