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My All Test Result After 12 Months Treatment of Entecavir (I am cured!)

Hello Dear HBVers,

I get my all test results after 12 months Entecavir 0,5mg treatment.

According to results, hopefully, fortunately, finally, I am totally cured :)

Here are the all results;

01.10.2013 – HAI: phase 11, FIBROSIS: stage 3

05.08.2013 – All details are totally normal
18.05.2014 – All details are totally normal.
20.10.2014 – Contour of the right lobe of the liver is slightly lobular. Other details are normal.
20.10.2014 – All details are totally normal (I did it again in the same day in another hospital)

11.12.2013 – 100
27.01.2014 – 91
28.03.2014 – 340
02.05.2014 – 144
18.07.2014 – 16
20.10.2014 – 27

11.12.2013 – 57
28.03.2014 – 135
02.05.2014 – 43
18.07.2014 – 21
20.10-2014 – 20  

HBSAG (qualitative)
27.01.2014 – 554 positive
28.03.2014 – 792 positive
02.05.2014 – 4079 positive
18.07.2014 – 961 positive
20.10.2014 – 0.27 NEGATIVE

HBSAG (quantitive)
31.03.2104 – over 52000
18.07.2014 – 43.57
20.10.2014 – <0.05

27.01.2014 – 0.05 negative
28.03.2014 – 0.00 negative
02.05.2014 – 0.00 negative
18.07.2014 – 7.14 negative
20.10.2014 – I checked in two places. One place says 5.60 negative, another place says 9.33 negative

30.09.2013 – 882.00 positive
27.01.2014 – 7.41 positive
28.03.2014 – 0.06 negative
02.05.2014 – 2.53 positive
18.07.2014 – 0.14 negative
20.10.2014 – 0.10 negative

28.03.2014 – 1.57 negative
02.05.2014 – 0.21 negative
18.07.2014 – 0.16 negative
20.10.2014 – 0.04 negative

01.10.2013 – 557000000
27.01.2014 – 122000
28.03.2014 – 26600
02.05.2014 – 451
18.07.2014 – 47
20.10.2014 – UNDEDECTABLE

18.07.2014 – 63 (optimal level)
20.10.2014 – 40 (optimal level)

04.02.2014 – 6.6
18.07.2014 – 5.2

I am ongoing with two different doctors, and both are shocked after my results.

Now, my doctor decided to continue with Entecavir until my ANTI-HBS is enough high. He told me that this may take 3-4 months. After my ANTI-HBS is enough high, then I will stop taking medicine.

I know all of you want to learn what I eat, what I do, and what I do not do. The doctor also asked me what I eat and record my diet ☺. I will write a detailed post about it. But I found my first post in this forum (posted 1 year ago) listing my life style and diet. You can read it to get an idea: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-B/Urgent-Advise-for-Entecavir-Usage/show/2044528

Please please please, do not give up hoping. God is always with us.

He is very very informative (even more than doctors) and helpful person. He always answered my stupid questions. I am very thankful to him.  
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I need to tell you that I have a lot of respect for you. There were some people who get curred and never came back. I know its very comfortable to just forget but you are not such kind of selfish person and always came back to inform us, that's very good approach :) Thank you ! :)

I think it's normal that if there's no stimulation by antigen, HBsAb has no chance to increase. Maybe some experts here can say if it makes sense to use vaccacine.
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Hello SafiSifa.

I've just found out about my hep b condition and my life has been awful since then. I've been feeling sad all the time, thinking that I'll end up dead. Because of that I have lost all my drive to finish college, or even work. What's the point if I'll just die of this? To be honest, I thought about taking the easy way out. But the thought of leaving my girlfriend (who's been helping me a lot) behind and suffering made me stop.

Anyway. It is really refreshing to see that someone managed to reach that result. You're cured even after being diagnosed as a chronic carrier. I'm happy for you.

Thanks for sharing your story. Wish you all the happiness in the world, man.
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I don't think anyone else got cured taking black seeds and u were a rare exception. It was all Ur immunity that played role else black seed and entecavir wud ve presented more results in number.
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Thanks for your respect. But I promised to the God (we call her as Allah) that if I am cured, I will share how I am cured and help HBVers by motivating with my  inspiring situation.

Please and please don't forget to eat;
- black seed
- turmeric
- garlic
- honey
- propollis
- pollen
- royal jelly
- red beet
- broccolli
- artichoke
- celery
- lavand tea (if ALT-AST are too high)

- being positive
- going to workout

- pray to the God
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Thanks SafiSifa for posting. This gives us hope.  I took your regimen to consideration and started with my own as well.  I’m currently in the process of lowering my viral load.  I don’t know if I will have clear hbv but time will tell.  
I was going to go on antivirals too but a month or so prior to my scheduled blood work, I decided to drink green tea with Reishi mushroom and mixer in a table spoon of raw honey and 3 full sprinkles of tumeric every morning on an empty stomach.  To my surprise and the doctors surprise, my viral load is in the 500 iu/ml which had always been in millions iu.  My AlT and Ast have always been above the upper limits of not higher.  My ALT and Ast is now in the low limits.  I’m hoping that my immune system will hopefully have a fighting chance and clear this.  I’ll wait and see but thank you for your post.  
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I was not aware I do have hepatitis b but I felt itching night time and I decided to go check up doctor told me I have HB then he sent me another test and found out 665 other side >5 he told me you are crier but you don’t spreed normal or my daily supplement food was black sead oil which I’m saying it’s can cure we’ll see next test
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Can you tell us at what time during the day you took Entecavir? Morning/evening, during meals etc?

Thanks and congrats!
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Congrats... safy
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Fair play to you my friend...

As many who s-sero convert dont/wont stay.

What kind of exercise were you doing?
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During my treatment process I was doing Insanity. I was getting wet a lot. And I think it helped to get rid of the virus :)
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thanks bro
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Thanks SafiSifa, i wish you to have a great life from now on
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Last week I get test results again. Still HBSAG negative and ANTI-HBS 61 positive. Finally, my doctor let me stop taking Baraclude :)
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Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been online for a long time in the forum.

Here are the 2 pics of my HBSAG quantity that shows I am cured.


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Very interesting congrats and thanks for sharing all the great info :)
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Scan your results from your first and last lab work.
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Thousands of places online that sells it but I don't it would "cure" your hbv.
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I don't believe his story that he was "cured" on black seed oil and Entecavir after one year. It obvious he's trying to push us to using Black seed oil. If it was acute then that's a different story.
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Hi ..
where I can get Blacksen?
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my whole family on the part of the mother has hepatitis B since birth and an aunt now aged 50 spontaneously cleared
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hello you have hepatitis B since birth
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Hearty Congratulations!!!!  It's truly miracle. You are blessed one and sharing your miracle treatment with every one else.
All the best.
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I am always in self-discipline. :)
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Safi  are you still taking the blackseed? Thanks!
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Great, have a good and healthy life
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I was 28 when I was diagnosed. Now I am 30.
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