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My Update 2 Test for Hbeag

TIME         SGPT/SGOT.           SGPT/SGOT (Normal Range)
21/08/2018    88 /42               (13-50/13-45)

31/05/2019     61/30              (13-50/13-45)

05/12/2019    60/45              (13-50/13-45)

24/12/2019    75/47              (13-50/13-45)

27/7/2020       31/23             (0-50 /5-34)

Ureum test 19.26L     (normal range 21.30-44.00 mg/dl)
Creatine :       0.84         (normal range 0.72-1.25 mg/dl)
eGFR       :      121.69
eGFR African /American : 141.04

Hbeag : Reactive
Anti Hbe : non reactive

I need advice for my results, my doctor said this good.
and i can hbv dna test 6 month 1x.

i just used entecavir 0.5 mg from January till now (from atevir to tkv)
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