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Need a medical experts advise.

I am 31 year female. HBV and I have tested of HBV DNA  one and half years back and that time the no of virus was 1100000000. Since then I am taking adefovir 10mg  once in a day and few days back I rechecked my HBV DNA and the number is decreased to 17000000. Ia m still taking the above medicine regularly and  I just wanted to know whether this medicine will completely cure the HBV or not. My SGOT raised to 48 I am very much worried about my health. Please advise. My
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how much isadefovir 10mg?
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yes its  10mg.
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adefovir is not an hbv drug anymore, it is too weak and makes the virus mutate and other drugs usless.which country are you?who is the crazy doctor who prescribe ii?your hbvdna is too high i think you are immune tollerant and din t need any therapy, with such an hbvdna a single antiviral will not work probably

how long are you taking it?have you checked if you are immune tollerant or not?

the only first line therapies for hbv are:
tenofovir, entecavir, interferon.in your case only tenofovir+entecavir might be able to make hbvdna und adefovir will never do that

completely cure the HBV or no
absolutely not, these antivirals have no effect on hbv virus they only lower virus replication to stop liver damage and are useful only if you have liver damage, in case you have no liver damage you are only making more damage because usually these antivirals increase the number of infected cells in the liver so even if you stopped virus replication your liver is all infected and if you stop the drugs it might be very dangerous because the immune system will kill all infected cells and destroy most of the liver
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be very careful because using such a weak antiviral you are in very great danger, if you hbvdna was normal in 1-10 millions it might work for a couple of years but with such a high number you better stop it as soon as possible and find a good doctor to stop it

the best therapy to have chances to eradicate hbv is:
interferon+tenofovir or entecavir+nitazoxanide

but you have to find a real doctor that knows hbv (not the one who gave you adefovir) because not all hbv phase need treatment or can be treated, if you were immune tollerant and were treated that doctor is making a mess because you were absolutley healthy with no need of therapy and even making a therapy they don t work in this phase

to know if you are immune tollerant:
alt/ast almost normal or lower than 40 (and this is more than enoguh in your case)
no or very mild fibrosis
hbvdna in the millions
hbsag very high 50000-99000iu/ml or higher

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