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Oral sex and hepatitis B

Hi good day!!!

I would like to ask if their is any risk for me to have hepatitis b if i got involved in oral sex and deep kissing?.

I gave a blowjob to a man with unknown status and had a deep kissing with him (open mouth kissing).
At that time i had 3 mouth ulcers, one upper lip and two lower lip. .

Pls i need ur honest opinion and advice. .

Thanks. .

Ive already posted on hep c forum. Now i just want to know ur opinion on hep b. Thanks in advance
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Hi maam and sir, just wanted to know if there is a higher chance for me to have hep b because of what i did. .thanks
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Hi maam and sir, can you please answer my question?. Thank u so much
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Hepatitis B virus is found in body fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids, saliva, etc. So theoretically if the person you met had hepB infection there is a risk of transmission the way you described.
The only way to find out is by taking a blood test, but no need to panic. My advice is never to engage in risky activities and get the hepatitis B vaccination to protect yourself from future exposures.
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Is it ok to have another shot of hep b vaccine?. .because a year ago, before i left my home country, i received a shot. .
What you do is to check your hepatitis B antibodies, anti-Hbs, throguh a blood test. Then if the quantity of the antibodies is below 10mIU/ml, you've to revaccinate yourself, also called a booster vaccination.
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I will have a blood test today 30 days post exposure. .

Thank you so much for the response. .
You are welcome and wish you good luck. HepB is really not a disease to be very scared of; when adults get infected with this virus, about 95% of them clear it naturally without any treatment within 6 months time. This means the virus is actually very weak and our immune system is well equiped to deal with it.
The problem is with babies who are born to hbv positive mothers and kids younger than 5 years of age. In the case of infants/babies the probability of the disease developing to chronic is almost 95%, because the immune system of the children is not well developed to deal with the infection.
However one has to always take precautions not to engage in risky activities, use protections, and get the vaccines when they are available.
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Hi maam!!  I got the results back, and it was negative for hepa b,c and hiv. .

But today, i had an encounter with someone. I licked his balls. . But i have a mouth sore again on my upper lip and sore on my tongue. .am i at risk to have hepa?. .pls reply thanks
Get your vaccine for hep b so you can be safe for hep b. For hep C and Hiv there is no vaccine, so be carefull.
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