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Paying for Baraclude


I am a Filipino, and my father who has chronic, untreated Hepatitis B was recently diagnosed with liver masses. These looked malignant on his imaging studies, and he is currently recovering from major surgery that removed the largest of the masses. One of the medicines he is currently on is Entecavir (Baraclude by Bristol Myers Squibb). My question is does anyone of a program in the Philippines that can help me and my family pay for it?
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there are generics in many asian countries for entecavir which are about 50 to 100usd per month

tenofovir is both cheaper and more potent, there is a post in the community and the lowest price of tdf genrric is 17usd per month to about 100usd per month
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Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, there are no other brands of Entecavir available in the Philippines aside from Baraclude. At least my father can already avail of the Senior Citizens' discount.
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