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Possible hepatitis exposure.!

Had blood test today, just regular check-up. During blood test I believe the person who drew blood was inexperienced, because blood flew from sides of syringe like a river so much that it soaked up head of vacutioner holder completely. Now after the draw blood was cleaned with the cotton then the second cotton was used on the draw site. Now I am concerned that the blood came in contact with the holder, it might catch contaminants from it as it is reused on different patients.
Should I get hepatitis b vaccine for this incident?
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Can someone please suggest? I am in distress since the incident. I have consulted a doctor he suggested that though i am at the risk of multiple infections, i have to let it go. I cannot do anything about it.
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You should get the vaccine anyway. I really can't understand people who don't take this vaccine. It is life saving, you know? And some of us did not have this opportunity before we were exposed.
I can't get any doctor advise me to get vaccinated. They are still suggesting to wait it out.
Should get a third advise? It's already 5 days since accident.
I did not understand the incident very well but in case you were not vaccinated before for hepatitis B or you were but you had low hepatitis b antibody titer , you can request for hepatitis B immunoglobulin (which helps to protect you against hepatitis B  ; but it should be as soon as possible read about it in google + get hepatitis B vaccine ... I suggest you visit a doctor and ask their opnion officially though ..

This is for you to be relaxed and peace minded
I have consulted two doctors. They didn't suggest any vaccination, even I asked them for any prevention method.they said if it is confirmed from known source they have a protocol but for unknown source they don't.
I don't have antibody for hepatitis in me. I have just got tested just 6 months before. I googled it's has to be as soon as 24 hours and max within 7 days.
Ok this is a general advice  ... You can check the HBV antibody titer .. if it is more than 10 iu (or maybe 100 IU, i am not sure excatly which one) you are protected and you do not need vaccine .. but if ur titer is low or zero , please get HBV vaccine (3 doses vaccine) to protect yourself in the future .. If you antibody titer is below recommended level now, and you are still not peace minded you can go to emergency department or another clinic and tell them to give you  immunoglobulin ( that provides short term protection till u get vaccinated ) since the source is unknown  .. BUT  in case you have good antibody titer no need for the above procedures  ...  
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*same cotton was used on the draw site. Second was typo.
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