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Serology Report Please Help!

I just had my serology report last October 20, 2013. Please can someone interpret my serology report? all I could understand here is that I was infected by hep b virus.

HBsAg - >3.0 - REACTIVE
Anti-HBs - 0.380 - NON REACTIVE
HBeAg - 0.461 - NON REACTIVE
Anti-Hbe. - 1.040 - REACTIVE
Anti-HBc IgG - 0.351 - REACTIVE
Anti-HBc Igm - 0.383 - NON RRACTIVE

I also would like to know if I have a chance to be hired or work in any companies with my situation. I am currently applying as a waiter. I want to know if it is possible for me to be Fit to work. I really need a job to support my family. Also, I wanted to know if I can transmit the virus with my loved ones. I don't have Hepa B last 6 months as my last medical records are all fine, I don't know where I get this.
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It seems you have chronic Hepatitis B, and you may have the infection for a long time. You are HBeAg negative, it is important that you check your hbvdna viral load to see whether you need treatment. A Fibroscan to determine the state of your liver is also very important,
HBV is transmitted from mother to her baby, sex, and blood to blood contact. Your immediate family and sexual partner should get the very effective and protective vaccine.
HBV positive persons should be able to work in most professions, including being a waiter. However, some Middle East countries and stupid companies discriminate against people with HBV. They are wrong, not you.
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Thank you Stephen for your advice. I know, here also in the Philippines some companies discriminates people with HBV, they immediately rejected us even that we are qualified for the job. It's frustrating that us (people with HBV) have only 2% of opportunity to find a work here.  
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I know it is very hard, but you must all get together and protest. In China, they used to have systemic discrimination by the government, but the hbvers, a few, not all,  got together and protest. Slowly, laws have been passed to protect their rights. You must do the same. Don't give up.
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Yeah, it very hard to organize who will come out and protest in the street and be published, in our country Philippines where HBVers are so discrimated,  got a lot of stigma, and the worst is even with own family member, so how if with friends, coworker, neigbor. They just become paranoid when they knew it.
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