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Stopped treatment

My treatment has been stopped because my cpk is extremely high. It's been high since I started treatment 22 months ago. My gastro is sending me to a rheumatologist. My cpk is over 600. My muscle and joints hurt all the time. I would try to take fish oil but the medicine has me allergic to any products or food with fish in it.
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cpk is just vitamin d deficiency, statins are the most common drugs to evelate cpk and vitamin d lowers it and prevents elevation.also vit b 12 can be added but it is vit d to prevent/lower cpk


if it was tdf you were using it it changes pth/vit d and must be taken with vit d
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So why wasn't my cpk high before medicine? I take between 15,000 -25,000 vitd a day. It's not vitamin d.
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