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The Liver Meeting 2008 in SFO

I just read a post on the HCV message board, and thanks to that post, I have been reading some of the abstracts of things being presented at this weeks “The Liver Meeting 2008” in San Francisco.

If anyone is interested about reading the abstracts of presentations, you can see the ones that pertain to HBV by doing the following:

Go to http://www.aasld.org/Pages/Default.aspx
Click on “The Liver Meeting”
Click on “Abstracts and Presenters”
Click on “View the Itinerary Planner”
Then in the new window that opens up, click on “Search” located to the left of the page.
Then in the box marked “Abstract/Presentation Body Search”, type in “HBV” and click the search tab at the bottom of the form. It should pull up the presentations related to HBV.
You can then click on the “View Pres” link under the title that interests you to read a short summary about what is being presented on that topic.

Does anyone know when, if, or where the full summary of these presentations will be made available?
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Thanks for the info.
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thank you. that was a great link. found a cpuple of good article  one which gav eme hope actually :-)

my doctor and i think i could have seroconverted before i turned 30 and one of the articles indicated i havea good chance or hbsag seroconverted at one point in my life.

so hey there ya go. thanks a bunch for the link
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so does anyone have good info on this "allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT)" thing  ?

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I'd like to see more info on the stem cell thing too....sounds interesting.
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