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Viread and vemlidy side effects

Hello everyone it’s been a while since I am here, currently 33 year old male in Los Angeles . Carrying hepatitis b since I was a kid I have taken viread since 2011 when my ast alt in raised to 500 and300 range, switched to vemlidy within few months after it got fda approved in 2017. I am still taking vemlidy,
Side effect
My kidney egfr in 2011 was 92, last 3 reports lab report is

Egfr Was 78,  77, 77 creatine 1.1 do any one experience similar situation or is it just me
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Hello.  We hope that one of our forum members will join this discussion and provide their thoughts and support but I wanted to give some basic information.  Here is a very general informative guide on Vemlidy.  https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-172872/vemlidy-oral/details.  The only mention of kidney issues is if you experience them, to tell your doctor as soon as possible.  I assume you likely already had since you had a kidney function test and whomever ordered that test knows the results.  What kind of follow up are they giving you for this and what is the doctor's recommendation?

This page does reference vemlidy with regards to renal issues. https://www.rxlist.com/vemlidy-drug.htm.

Again, we urge you to come up with the appropriate course of action with your doctors and hope that others weigh in here on the forum.  Best of health to you.

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Hello, many people experience a decline in eGFR on Tenofovir, its supposed to be 1% but in the HBV Mail List many people reported a decline. Some people as soon as they come off of it their Kidney function gets better.

In your case, if your eGFR was around 92 in the year 2011, that means at the age of 25 you had a lower than average eGFR for your age. eGFR goes down as you age, so we don't know if your decline was due to pre-existing conditions or if it was due to Viread. Now that you are taking Vemlidy the impact to your kidneys should be much less.

You should try to eat a diet that is good for the kidneys, not very high in protein, low in potassium, phosphorus and sodium. This is called a renal diet.


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