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What Happens if I Stop Hep B Treatment for Several Months?

Good afternoon everyone, I want to ask.
what if we stop taking drugs (atv) because the current condition I am stuck in a work location that is far from medical and there is no doctor to consult.

I was scheduled for April 20 for the Check Laboratory, but I couldn't because of Corona's disease everywhere so I was affected by lockdown.
If I stop taking medication for several months, do I have to repeat the treatment from the beginning again?
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Rishi mushrooms IS NOT AN ANT VIRAL TREATMENT!  Cabin3 I can't believe that would be  even suggested as replacement for anti viral treatment

Please private message me if you want help thanks
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You can try natural treatments to lower viral load.  Reishi mushroom and green tea combo, study has said that is vm very effective at lowering viral load.  
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Really? Can advise about link the study about it?
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I believe stop taking drugs is very dangerous! stopping treatment can cause many unexpected situations like letting hepb virus to restart replicating and damage your liver and letting hepb virus to develop resistance to drug. Please telephone your gastroentorologist and ask him.
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no other alternative ??
you can send email to hepb foundation https://www.hepb.org/
very dangerous and you can restart only tenofovir which has no resistance.there have been cases of fulminant hepatitis deaths and if low hbsag clearance of the virus...so without close medical supervision it is very dangerous
another option would be to get the drug shipped to you if possible, many countries are using prescriptions by email and pharmacy delivering  drugs to  patients
the option sounds good, but in my country (indonesia) i not find procedure like that.
if availiable i very happy.

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