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What is important HBV DNA or HbsAg

What is important parameters of HepB. Doctors always prefer HBV DNA over HbsAg count. Also internal standard are for HBV DNA. Whereas HbsAg is checked for infection. It will be considered for futures cures. Cures which are in pipeline are considering candidate with lower HbsAg count.

So what ideally matters ?
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In my opinion, hbvdna (viral load) is still the most important. If you are not on an antiviral drug, then hbvdna will correlate with the amount of cccDNA in your liver. If you are on antiviral treatment, serum hbvdna will be very low because antiviral drugs inhibit the formation of hbvdna, even though you may still have a high amount of cccDNA. Also, high serum hbvdna seems to activate immune inflammation, leading to high ALT and fibrosis formation if not controlled.
When your hbvdna is low, whether you are on antiviral treatment or not, you may like to check your serum HBsAg. A low serum HBsAg may indicate you can try stopping antiviral treatment(note, must be under the supervision of an experienced HBV specialist), or in the case of non-treatment that you are truly in an inactive state.
At the moment, some cures involve invoking your own immune system to control/eradicate HBV infected liver cells. Serum HBsAg is known to suppress your immune system, such as exhaustion of the HBV specific T-cells. So as a first step to let your HBV immune system to recover and be active, both serum hbvdna and HBsAg must be lowered. hbvdna can be lowered by antivirals, such as TDF, ETV, and capsid allometric modifiers . Serum HBsAg may be lowered by RNAi, NAP, interferon.
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Thank you for your explanation
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