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What's the level of drug development in 2019?

Someone could post the latest drug development stage of pipeline drugs in 2019?
Please share links of articles you people search and read about the drugs for hep b in 2019.
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Easl 2019 studies are ridiculous, tons of money wasted on stupid useless studies, never seen such idiocy, it was many years i stopped reading conferences.replicor is starting a trial in US for patients on nucs too bad it is not in europe.anyway last study and mention of US trial http://replicor.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Replicor-ISVHLD-GHS-2018-FINAL.pdf
They should also do some trials in india
Dear Steff, glad to see you back. Have you heard about the term "para functional cure"? It is said that some people may have achieved para functional cure and those people can stop taking nucs.
that's a scam, looking at easl 2019 you can only think the hbv world is a big scam now....they have no cure from all the studies that can reach results similar to replicor and they dont want to buy replicor and make the cure available so what they do?they use stupid meaningless words trying to fool the less expert patients (they know they can buy doctors....)
the only cure is immunological control of the infection by high hbsab and continuous hbvdna/hbvrna undetectable off drugs
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they re also going to subcutaneous and giving up pegintf which is not the best immune therapy
Certainly peg was never the best. But there are some drugs in research which claim to be immune activators and t cell enhancers.
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all drugs i saw on easl are failures, unless they show no hbsag clearance they should not even be approved and approved drugs that might work had indipendent trials stopped by drug maker birinapant.....drug makers are making whatever possible to interfere or stop cures/small pharma companies/small studies, we should also push replicor and start to be very very angry, some scientists/liver specilists are starting to speak up, it is time to have a cure (i hope they are preparing to push for replicor trials)
Birinapant was a big hope. They could have developed its derivative compound with low toxicity and higher efficiency. I too wait for easl conference every year and expect some breakthrough but nonsense bug they repeat everytime. It's been 9 years in hope for a cure. Big political conspiracy indeed.
Writing to replicor sends a very short diplomatic reply with no good feelings.
How about JNJ-3989, Steff?
Nice to see you back Steff.  I really enjoy reading your posts here.  I would definitely be in for pushing Replicor, and getting really really mad..  
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Hey Steff welcome back! Where were you. I am very happy to see u back and was missing u and ur wonderful answers. Thank you for coming back.
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I am wondering if now with drugs like TAF, if everyone should take this, that way there is reduced chances or further damage from HBVDNA integration into the host geonome. If the side effects are not bad such as kidney damage people can take this drugs for life. There was a study shared here years ago that after 120 months of using  NUCS, Integrated HBV was undetectable in most patients. Is this a better strategy than chasing a cure?
Could you please give us the study show that Integrated HBV was undetectable in most patients?
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We don't have any other option than to continue the nucs. I don't understand whom for these drug developers are making new drugs when entire hbv community will wipe out either due to complication or due to age.
Since there is very low rate of new cases of hbv due to increased immunisation rate these drug projects will be dumped as there won't be enough patients in future to give profits.
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