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Wife is 18 weeks pregnant; HBsAg: +ve HBsAg (ELISA): 7630 HBV DNA: 1270

My wife is 18 weeks pregnant and during the pregnancy, HBsAg was resulted positive on June 04, 2018.
I (Husband) got myself tested with the same test, came out to be negative.

Initially, I had been dosed for Hepatitis B in around 1990s, I have started Hepatitis B dose (0,1,6 months) for this.

My wife's further test reports are :

HBsAg : Positive
HBsAg (ELISA) : 7630 (ECI Method)

LFT : SGOT (12.00) SGPT (14.00) Alkaline Phosphatase (66.00) Albumin (3.70) Globulin (3.50) A:G Ratio (1.06)
Upper Abdomen Ultrasound : Liver is normal in size, rest normal as per report.
Anti HCV Antibodies : Non-Reactive
HIV Antibody I & II : Non-Reactive
CBC : All normal with Hb : 12.40

HBV DNA Total (Quantitative) : 1270 IU/mL
HBeAg Serum : 0.49
Anti-HBe : 0.02

Anti-HBc Total : 9.49
Anti-HBs : 0.00
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Your wife is safe now but there is a chance that your wife will infect your child during delivery.
Good thing is that transmission of hepatitis b from mother to baby can be stopped by new medicine so consul with good gastroenterologist immediately.
Please keep calm and consult your gastroenterologist.
Thanks, will surely do that. Any repercussions in the future? Also, is there a chance of other family members being infected with the same?
Do not worry about future majority of person remain well life time after treatment.check hbv dna liver funtion at least in annually if high use medicine.vaccinate yourself and if earlier vaccinated check your hbsab antibody.
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Nagpatest din ako nung pregnant ako last november and lumabas na reactive ako sa hapa b. I dont have any idea about that virus na depress ako, until now diko tanggap ang alam ko lang may hepa b ako at wala na. Magkano inabot ng pagpapacheck up nyo?
Hepatitis B isn't always life threatening. Is it curable/ controllable in most of the cases. Give specific reports/ results and have faith.
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