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asking for help

Hi brothers and sisters am a 24 years old .
i just went out with a girl who has hepb 3 months ago.and now i got hepb in my blood .i would like to ask you brothers and sisters if i can get well as was,i mean if all the viruses will be clear in my body ? thank you.
All your sugestions are welcome .
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I received your note / PM.  I make it a habit to respond on the forum.

As to your question:

Clearance depends on the age of infection.  

Do you have labs to confirm that you are free of HepB before your involvement with the individual with HepB?  I ask this because, often times people check for HepB after a sexual encounter.  But there is a chance that you had HepB all along but just didn't know it.  This is especially true if you come from a high risk area.

As cajim suggested, go here to learn more:

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You are adult now.  You have above 95% chance to clear HepB and be immune for life if you are liver friendly and do your best to help your immune system do its job.  How?  Educate yourself, starting here:




Best wishes
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