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chronical hepatitis b


I was diagnosed with hepatitis b in Jun2011. I have been on viread 300mg since Sept2011. I have been to my doctor every six months and follow up were all good

ultasoung normal
hbsag +
hbsab -
hbvdna not detected
ast and alt were all in the normal range.

But my latest test in Aug2017 has

hbsag Positive Abnormal
hbsab Reactive (Reactive: Consistent with immunity, greater than 9.9 mIU/mL).
alt and ast: normal.

My doctor said that I might in the process of seroconversion. She did not elaborate further and told me to stick to my current medicine: viread 300mg.

My question is: since I have developed antibody, why I am still have hbsag detected. Since my liver function is normal (ast alt), it seems that my antibody are not 'attacking' the virus.

Thanks for your help.

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When you've both hbsag and anti-hbs/HbsAb coexisting, it could indicate the hbv virus has mutated, so that producing new types of hbsag not identifiable by the anti-hbs.
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Were you an active with high hbv dna when you started viread?
You need to know hbeag and hbeab tests to know about seroconversion. You may become an inactive carrier.

Just for knowledge, how much does viread cost a month?
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