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curcuma cure for HBV?

my friend has suggested me to take curcuma home made to strengthen immune system and to cure hepa b.
My husband's auntie is taking it and so far she's healthy and no trouble of hepa b complication. She is 55 years old already.
Any idea About curcuma? have you tried this remedy?  
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hello,,what is that??...where can i find that one???
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herbal meds actually you can prepare it urself. for the procedure i havent asked my in law. Will inform u soon. I am also planning to take that. Actually it 's OTC however, i would like to prepare it myself. im not sure if it's available in ur country. Btw im in indonesia, they have alot of curcuma here.  
i am planning to get back on my medication. then take this curcuma then cigong. cigong will help u strenghten ur body.  
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totally useless for hbv virus but useless for fibrosis/liver cancer prevention with many other antioxidants

it is on trial in hepatitistechnologies products which regress fibrosis among many other natural antioxidants/antifibrotics in hbv-hcv but they are abolutely not a cure for the viruses.the results will be presented at boston conference 2011 and this is the first company to make a human trial on natural antioxidants/antifibrotics, which no drug maker ever made since these natural substance cant be patented

the substances known for fibrosis regression mainly by animal trial are:
N-Acetyl Cysteine,Taurine,R-Alpha Lipoic Acid,Milk Thistle Extract

BCM-95® Bio-Curcumin® (Standardized to contain 95% total Curcuminoids)(Curcumalonga),
Pomegranate Extract (Standardized to contain 40% Punicosides) (Punicagranatum), Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis), ResvidaTM Trans-Resveratrol (99%), Luteolin Bioflavonoid ( from Perilla frutescens), Powergrape® Whole Grape Extract (Vitusvinifera), Blueberry Fruit Extract 5:1 (Vaccinium corymbosum), Baicalin (from Scutellariabaicalensis), Rutin, Lycopene (from Blakeslea trispora)
Polyenylphosphatidylcholine, L-Glutamine,L-Glutamic Acid ,L-Glutathione,Glycine  

this is very useful to regress cirrhosis and liver damage and has shown improvment on all patients, i am using this products myself from november 2010 as i posted earlier

the scientists behing this study are the most advanced in the world on liver research:

as posted again immune response is not driven by the body on cronic hbv but by the virus which neutralizes our antibody producing a very high level of hbsag, so these natural treatments can only balance fibrosis production in the liver with antifibrotics and keep liver healthy.
it is also usefull to know that inactive carriers will never have any damage and live healthy lives without need of any treatment natural or drugs.the only usefull drugs can be those that lower hbsag

hello how hepatitis b cured
How are you doing so far? Hope all is well
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@steff- is there any natural stuff to lower hbsag. Earlier nitazoxanide and chloroquine was in discussion but that too failed. Apart from those pipelines is there any other currently available drug doubtful to lower hbsag. U say inactive carriers are least proned to fibrosis. In my case and few other hbeag negatives as I have seen the CBC count is persistently at higher level more than 10000. Also the biopsy showed liver damage hence I had to use tdf. Despite CBC is high. Isnt this ongoing hepatic impairment. Any advice for normalising CBC? Currently I am physically fit with no super infection.
@the poster- since the cure is not available u can try anything that is not too harmful. No one knows what can hit it right.
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