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hbv research just interested in making money not a cure

another clear indication that hbv research is just interested in making money not a cure by slowing down best experimental therapies that lead to a cure:

Research Article
The Removal of HBV in Plasma by Extracorporeal Immunoadsorption from Plasma: A Potential Therapy of Hepatitis B Patients

4. Discussion and Conclusion

The current study had established a novel HBV specific immunoadsorbents, which could be combined with blood purification technique. In this study, HBV surface protein specific monoclonal antibody (anti-HBsAg) had been immobilized onto CNBr-functionalized sepharose 6 FF beads. This antibody could form a covalent bond through cyanogen bromination binding to the sepharose 6 FF by cyanate esters and then binds the HBsAg to clear the HBV virion through antibody-antigen specific adsorption. Subsequently, anti-HBsAg functionalized adsorbents have been determined available and efficiency for eliminate of HBV particles by detection both HBsAg and HBV DNA. The biocompatibility and specificity were confirmed using batch adsorption process spontaneously. Meanwhile recycle optimization for anti-HBsAg functionalized adsorbents usage was performed which indicated that recycle for 3 times of affinity adsorption could cause more than 90% eradication of HBV in plasma.

In summary, anti-HBsAg functionalized adsorbents introduced in this work exhibit pretty well potential for HBV removal and this approach could establish a novel therapy option or at least as a combination supplementary therapy strategy with antiviral drugs for the treatment regimen of HBV.

this purification technique combined with replicor, tdf/etv and pegintf (or a better immune modulator) can easily lead to a cure.removal of 90% of hbsag can even make the old combo tdf/etv+peg cure many more patients, once hbsag is less than 1000iu/ml rates of clearance are much higher.

what we see is....nothing: almost no trials of replicor, nothing on this research which is from 2018 and tons of useless trials with extremely poor results
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