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hep b help

my relative took hepatitis vaccination 3 doses
1month apart. What
happened is ,he is tested positive for hbsag
recently.he took those 3
doses in 2k9 .he underwent endoscopy in 2k11
and colonoscopy 6mnths back .his wife tested negative in 2k9 before
vaccination.his wife and
children tested negative even now. I read a additional 12th mnth dosage must be taken which was not taken as he is not informed.my doc said that even such 3 dosage will also be sufficient in preventing the infection .is it true?could he get infection because he didnot get the get the 4th dose and subsequently frm endoscopy /colonoscopy...esp.endoscopy as the visting doctor of our hospital who earlier did endoscopy in the same set up prefered not to do endoscopy again stating that sterlizing sol. for cleaning the equipment not available and so may spread the infection to others?he is hbeag negative and hbv dna levels within range .the doctor said only follow up 6mnthly sufficient.

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Your friend has taken the complete course of hepatitis B vaccine, let me share with you that hepatitis B vaccination is very effective in providing protection against hepatitis B infection. 3 doses are sufficient .The chances of acquiring hepatitis B infection are very low and only possible if one has not acquired adequate protection and antibodies after the vaccination. It is important to protect oneself from infected blood and other body fluids like blood of an infected person, semen and vaginal secretions. It is possible that the procedure might have given him hepatitis B infection but the cause cannot be confirmed without thorough evaluation .Antiviral therapy is only indicated in people who are chronically infected and have persistently elevated SGPT which is a marker of liver damage, and HBV DNA levels. Routine follow ups are very essential along with regular blood monitoring to see if the virus is still active in your body and liver function tests to know how well your liver is working. Consult a hepatologist and get your doubts clarified. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!  
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