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hep b with f4 liver and fibroscan 12.3 kpa

i a hep b patient with hbv dna 83 iu/ml latest on 3 jan2018  always have low dna from last five year
hbv dna 1300 in 2013 april
hbv dna 473 in sep 2013
hbv dna 461 in 2014 april
and doctor go for liver biopsy as i have raised liver enzyme with no reason
liver biopsy in 2014 f1
and then entecavir started and after treatement to sep 2015
my liver enzymes is still not normal
hbv dna 47 iu/ml and then tenofovir started and then in
april 2016 my dna is undetected but still lft was highly elevated
and again for liver biopsy repated and show f4
but still  my liver enzymes was issues and then
in sep 2016 my dna was 6.22 iu/ml and doctor stopped my treatment but still no answer for that
my recent fibroscan is 12.3 kpa but lft is 73 alt
53 sgot but still i am confused having burning in stomach from last some days is this is related to my liver and liver demage i am confused about this burning sensation please guide atleast  
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it's quite uncommon that results got such worsened with such low hbv dna and especially on treatment. You should exclude other liver diseases like hcv or autoimmune liver inflamation.
i have checked no hcv virus and no other disease lsuch as autoimmune liver disease but still happening
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do you drink or smoke alot? Also do you eat too much fried food....it can be one reason.
Are you overweight?
no i dont smoke and drink and nor eat fried food but ya i am overweight
start working out daily 1hr a day reduce your weight
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What tests u did for atoimmune rule out
asma asna anti lkm and other and also had liver biospy twice show f1 in 2013 and f4 in 2016 but still the liver enzymes  is isssues and now doctor restarted my treatment with dna 83 and hbsag 10032 and doctor started tenofovir 25 mg please reply
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