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hev infection and transmission


interesting lecture at the end of the video
advanced countries: the source is food,mainly pig meat not cooked like salame and  other forms pig meat which is not heated before eating

less advanced countries contaminated food and water similar to hav transmission

there is an hev vaccine and the virus like hav is always cleared by immune system except for those taking immune suppression drugs

better avoid this infection for those with cirrhosis
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like for hav,hbv,hcv symptoms are extremely rare so carriers, animals or humans, show no disease except by blood tests but there is no human to human transmission

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I just noticed my exgirl have hepatitis before I met her early 2015' i noticed I am hepatitis B positive on november 2015.
E antigen negative
Hbv dna 2369
Is it possible she could be the one that infected me with the virus? I can remember one occasion condom got bust and I hurry to wash in Bath room.
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