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high SGPT

i was diagnose for HBV carrier last 2006 with HBeAg-non reactive and SGPT 24 UIL.

HBeAg-non reactive
SGpt- 49 UIL

The normal level for SGPT for a woman is 32 and mine is 49 i m worried bcoz i m HBV carrier and have not talk to my doctor yet bcoz shes out of town, what should i do to make my SGPT lower? please help me.
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hi everyone, please help me. me also hbv reactive with 23 alt/sgpt. im so afraid, i dont drink, and dont smoke. i dont know where i get this. worried!
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hbe antibody is useless, once you know hbeag is negative you don t need that test any more, the test needed are:
hbvdna pcr with sensibility at least 10iu/ml, alt/ast, ultrasound every 6 months and fibroscan or biopsy to know the damage of your liver, according to these results and especially the liver damage you will start a therapy or not

alt are not reliable for damage anymore, you can have alt 10 and hbvdna 500000iu/ml and liver severely damaged plus normal alt with high hbvdna promotes liver cancer, many of the old theories have been proven wrong today

don t worry about anything you are lucky you know you have hbv and if needed you can stop it from making damage

if you find liver damage start nitazoxanide plus interferon first (although interferon can have heavy sides) ecause you are too young to start long years therapies like tenofovir/entecavir
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I went to the lab test again yesterday as my doctor asked me to take a test again 1 month after. my result are

HBe antibody 5.8

Of course i m not happy of my result and i went to my doctor and she asked me for HBV DNA that i will gonna do it tomorrow for sure, and she told me i had a liver damage bcoz of my SGPT keep on moving up and she said i will undergo treatment also. I feel nervous now for the DNA. Do y'all think that i still can have a fiancee visa even i m a HBV carrier, i m worried of my situation :( please give me an advice Thank U

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sorry berry what you are saying is wrong, liver damage is present with alt above 30, i got cirrhosis with normal alt 35, it is a slow process and depends on virus muattions but it is better to check firboscan for liver damage

healthy carrier are only with hbsag<500iu/ml hbvdna<200iu/ml, alt<30, these have 100% chances of non reactivation and more than 10% chances of hbsag negative, all others go from active to inactive he needs monitoring.
we are making many new discoveries from better tools like fibroscan and more sensitive blood test and everything is changing from year to year, and only european guidelines are changing by year so it is better to look at them
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you're good for now.. liver function kinda varies going up and down so maybe a better diet will bring it down.

dont panic.. your results are of a healthy carrier that should do nothing..

if you drink then please stop. go with liver friendly diet and repeat the test in a month .. should be good

if still concerned then an ultrasound should give you an idea of whats going on.. u can even go for an MRI which will give more precise results.

i still you're ok though.. sgpt will go up and down even for healthy people and people without hbv

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