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is it true that Aspirin Cut off HCC risk?

if this is true, it can help, Aspirin have a lot of benefits like preventing heart attacks also...its a study from 2012

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human trials were bigger and better on:
vitamin d3, cut about half the risk
coffee, cuts about 40% risk

aspirin is very toxic for the liver and doses over 3g lead to liver transplant in many cases, much better vit d3 and coffee or other natural antinflammatories more potent than aspirin like all anti fibrotic supplements or high dose fish oil with dha/epa 3g pills or daily dose

i never use aspirin due to liver toxicity and used paracetamol only during peg.paracetamol is less toxic for the liver than aspirin but not good too
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by the way vitamin k2 mk4 both prevents and treat hcc in doses of 45mg daily, many human trials in japan for hcc treatment and prevention
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is it oky to take vitamine D3 at 200.000 ui one every 3 months? its 800.000 ui yearly... notice that where i am sun is so common mayble 11 months per year or some more...
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no because the pill of vit d3 you take is a precursor of the real vitamin d that goes in your tissues and that of your tissues has a halflife of about 24 hrs.this way you end up with high vitd25oh in blood and still deficient in tissues

the only way to take vit d3 is daily and it showed benefit on trials, weekly or monthly even showed worsened conditions

vit d3 5000 to 10.000iu daily is the correct way to take
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